Monster Hunter World Adds Mega Man

Monster Hunter World Adds Mega Man
Image: Capcom

This weekend’s Playstation Experience unleashed a slew of information about Monster Hunter World. From Mega Man to the Third Fleet, let’s take a look at what we now know.

During the opening ceremony of the Playstation Experience, Capcom dropped a trailer for Monster Hunter: World. Showing off a number of locations from the game, the trailer has pirates, giant sharks jumping out of fricking lava and Mega Man.

On top of the usual Monster Hunter gameplay and countless explosions in the trailer, in Monster Hunter: World you can dress up your little helper buddy as Mega Man.

The armour is included as as celebration of Megaman‘s 30th anniversary and there are other little shout-outs to Mega Man in Monster Hunter: World. Various weapons will play Mega Man songs while you have them equipped. The love shown to the Blue Bomber is a far cry from the character’s inclusion in Street Fighter x Tekken.

In an interview during the Playstation Experience, Capcom devs Ryozo Tsujimoto and Kaname Fujioka said that they specifically tied the Metal Man music to the lance because their love of the character and weapon type. I’m totally on board with that sort of abuse of power.

The full interview, which you can watch below, includes extensive gameplay footage and some insightful discussion into the development of the game:

Monster Hunter: World is coming to PS4 and Xbox One on January 26, 2018 with a PC release date yet to be announced.


    • I Don’t think you have played past Monster hunter games then, the game never takes itself that seriously and the monthly free DLC’s are always flavour items with humour/emulate other games.
      My all time favourite being the Animal crossing DLC replacing your annoying Palico with an annoying Isabelle

  • Did anyone play the beta?

    I really wanted to enjoy it, but couldn’t. It just felt so damn clunky to me. Is this how the series plays?
    Also, “kill something in twenty minutes or fail” was horrible, in my opinion.

    • As someone who has been with the series for the last few iterations, this is probably the least clunky the game has felt. It is how the game is designed however, some weapons have greater mobility (sword and shield, insect staff and dual blades for instance) which make gameplay more action oriented whereas others reward careful observation and planning to make less frequent but more impactful attacks. The game is also a ton more enjoyable with a few friends. The timer is pretty restrictive in the beta, most of the hunts of this nature will probably have an extra 10 minutes on release. There’s also the free roam area which will no doubt be somewhat you can go on release, this is usually where you farm meat and herbs and tackle a variety of more common monsters. Ultimately though, the game isn’t for everyone but that’s perfectly ok.

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