My Quest For All-Pink Gaming Gear Is Almost At An End

I love PC gaming. I love the colour pink. I've spent years trying to bring those two loves together for a desktop threesome. Razer's Quartz line made it happen.

The colour pink is soft and cheery, bubbly and welcoming. It's happy, which is how I want to feel when I sit down for a 10 to 12 hour day of writing, playing and snacking. Last year I bought a relatively cheap pink desktop case. That felt good. During 2017 I've built several pink mechanical keyboards. That also felt good. Razer's Quartz line feels good too, plus the headset has kitty ears. That's extra good.

The kitty ears are extra, but are they really?

The Quartz line is pretty much the same thing as the gunmetal and white (Mercury) sets released earlier this year, only in a much superior colour scheme.

We've got the Razer PinkWidow (kidding, they still call it the BlackWidow) Tournament Edition Chroma, a tenkeyless board with Razer's proprietary switches (mine are clicky greens). It's so pretty, but I'm going to have to tweak the RGB lighting — maybe red. Pink doesn't need undulating rainbows.

The BlackWidow comes with a removable wrist rest in a lovely light grey, which complements the pink nicely.

The Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition is ambidextrous, so it looks lovely in either hand. Again we have the light grey accents, a constant throughout the Quartz line.

Note the Lancehead is resting on the Quartz version of the Razer Invictus mouse surface, which is a pink aluminium plate with a light grey mat. The Invictus is the only mouse surface I know that comes inside a plastic storage case tucked inside a bag.

Finally, we have the Kraken Pro V2 headset with optional kitty ears. This expression says it all:

Along with my PC case, I am almost completely pinked out. I just need to paint my monitor frame, reupholster my gaming chair and maybe wallpaper the entire office.

The Quartz line is available at Razer's website. The pink PC case is available by going to Amazon and searching "Pink PC Case."


    Truly terrifying. Glad you're happy though!

      im glad someone was able to put that in a politically correct manner, i was about to dribble some cobbled together offensive shit about what i thought of his choices.
      thank you for showing me a better way.

        i think my name says it all but...Shocknaweful was gonna be my other choice

    You are living the peripheral life I wish to live. You are my peripheral spirit animal and role model.

    I'm glad you can be proud of loving the colour pink! Good on you!

    I came here to see Mike wearing those headphones...... Now I just don't know anymore lol. Top effort

    *gasssssssssp* I want them all. To match my destiny shader choices.

    lol "choices" like there's a choice other than Dawn and Dusk

    Oh god they are hideous - it's not even a nice coloured pink, makes them look cheap and tacky.

    took me like 10 mins, whats your accuse?

      and you dont even have a pink screen, wtf man.

    "It's so pretty, but I'm going to have to tweak the RGB lighting -- maybe red. Pink doesn't need undulating rainbows."

    So that's where the line is drawn, huh?

    I mean... I'm legit gay, and this is too much for me.

    I'm seeing lots of Razer logos though ;)

    Last edited 21/12/17 5:59 pm

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