New Adventure Time Game Coming In 2018

There's a new Adventure Time game on the way for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch next year, and it's all about being a pirate. Like Black Flag or Sea of Thieves, then, only... a lot cuter.

The game is called Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion, and is set in a Land of Ooo that's flooded, meaning you'll be getting around on a pirate ship, playing as either Finn, Jake, BMO or Marceline.

It's a full 3D open world game, with combat, exploration and recruitment, and is being developed by Climax.

If you've kept scrolling this far looking for a trailer, sorry, there wasn't one :(


    Fingers crossed this game does the IP justice.

    This is amazing!! Im really pumped for this game! Im so happy its going to be on the Nintendo Switch, Ill definitely buy it on that. Thank you Adventure Time, I had been wondering and hoping for an open world Adventure Time game!
    Thank you Kotaku for the great article

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