New Dragon Ball Cafe Opens In Japan

Last Friday, the official Dragon Ball Cafe and Diner opened in Osaka, Japan. The eatery serves up Dragon Ball themed food and drink, showcases beautiful art, and sells special merch.

[Image: DBCafe_Diner]

For a limited time, Chinese restaurant Tokokuro has been converted into the Dragon Ball Cafe and Diner. This isn't the first Dragon Ball restaurant to hit Japan (there have been others!), but it does appear to be the nicest. The food this time around also looks better.

Those keen to sample its food need to hurry, because the Dragon Ball Cafe and Diner will end its run on January 31.


    Hm, if I wanted a "Spirit Bomb" latte, do I have to order 6 months in advance?

      "Fellow restaurant goers, lend me your energy"

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