New Mod Wants To Make Smash Bros. 4 Play Just Like Melee


A new mod promising to make Super Smash Bros. 4 play more like Super Smash Bros. Melee now has a playable beta, as well as a new trailer.

Smash 4 Melee HD (at least until they come up with something better) is a Wii U mod that includes wavedashing, crouch cancelling, and other techniques unique to the Gamecube’s Melee, as well as its overall physics. Melee is a bit quicker and heavier than the series’ more modern incarnations, and players who grew up with it rarely miss a chance to tell the youngins how much better it was back in the early aughts (minus G.W. Bush, frosted tips and the brief return of bell bottoms).

“What if Smash 4 played like Melee?” ask the developers in the newly-released trailer. Essentially, the pitch is players will be able to have their cake and eat it too, enjoying the more precise, technical feel of Melee while still getting to enjoy the enormous roster of characters introduced in Smash 4 While characters from Melee have had their movesets reverted, the newer ones will have allegedly have unique new abilities for players to discover. If you’ve always wanted to see Mega Man take on Fox on Final Destination with no items, the new mod is aimed at you.

The Smash community is not one to sit on its hands and wait patiently while Nintendo figures out what’s next for the series. When they were disappointed with Super Smash Bros. Brawl on the Wii they made Project M, a mod that tried to make the game feel more like its beloved predecessor, Melee. Since there’s still been no word on whether Smash 4 will get ported to the Nintendo Switch or Melee will come back as an HD remaster or Gamecube virtual console title, some fans have understandably taken matters into their own hands.

The mod is currently available for download over at the Melee HD subreddit. While the team behind it is taking feedback from players during this open beta period, there’s no information on when a full version will be available. For now, you can see what it looks like in action below.


  • And this is bad IMO. I loved Melee back in the day and I know the community might hate me for saying this but it belongs in the past. Smash 4, despite its flaws, is subjectively the better game. It’s much more balanced, for a start, with a much larger roster of tournament-viable characters, and while it may not play as fast or demand as much technical skill, it still has its own complex mechanics that are more refined overall than Melee’s.

    Ultimately the Melee crowd will stay in their corner and the Smash 4 crowd will stay in theirs…there’s no reason to turn Smash 4 into Melee. Is Smash 4 Melee? No, but it’s not trying to be, and I think that’s a good thing.

    • I feel that with something like Street Fighter there isn’t this dickish attempt to make it like past games. A new game comes and the communities play their iteration that they want and leaves it at that.

      I hate to use this terminology but Melee is cancer. It’s a fucked up pathetic community that tries to spread itself into other Smash games and ruin them.

      Let the fuck go and while you’re at get with the times. If you need a fucked up broken controller to be viable in a game there is something wrong. If you’re community wont allow third party controllers despite the originals being a limited commodity, get with the times and allow other controllers and let people not ruin their hands.

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