Nintendo Still Explaining Nintendo Account And Nintendo Network ID Differences

Who would have thought that Nintendo having different account systems would be so confusing for people? It's December 2017, and in Japan, Nintendo says it's getting lots of questions about the differences.

"Currently, we are getting a great number of inquiries about the Nintendo Account," the company wrote in a tweet. The attached image easily shows the difference between the Nintendo Account (for smart devices, computers and Switch consoles) and the Nintendo Network ID (for the 3DS series and the Wii U).

But why all the questions now? The Switch is becoming more available in Japan, so there are, no doubt, new owners confused by the new account system.

Hopefully this clears up any confusion!


    Nintendos entire way of doing stuff like this is messed up. You should just have a Nintendo ID that saves purchases you've made etc so they carry across when you upgrade systems etc. This whole trying to sell you Super Mario World 5 times on different systems is greedy as all heck.

      Agreed, it makes upgrading a lot harder.

      Go into EB, get a New 3DS console, go home, grab old 3DS, have both turned on and connected to the same Wi-Fi network, do transfer < there's no other way around it, if you "trade" in your old 3DS then you have to ring up Nintendo Technical Support to manually transfer your Nintendo ID over to retain your online and DLC purchases, but that doesn't include your saved games, can't just pop in your old SD card either, it simply creates a new folder on the SD card for save files and ignores the old.

        Is perfectly fine, Nintendo is god. They're only desperately and almost pathetically trying to protect their systems from being hacked and opened for people to run their own software on them. All at the cost of a basic user experience that every other platform provides as expected of modern day technologies.

    They.d rather explain it than fix it

    Meanwhile on Xbox - one account for everything

    PS4 - one account for everything

    Steam and alike - one account for everything

    Grow up Nintendo. Get out of the past. Your system is the worst in the gaming industry

    They need to merge this shit. So frustrating.

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