No Plans For Australian PUBG Servers On Xbox One

No Plans For Australian PUBG Servers On Xbox One
Image: Steam

Australian players trying to join the fray in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on Xbox One have to put up with significant lag due to a lack of local servers.

It’s not good news for Aussies wanting to run amok in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on Xbox One. A “Game Preview” (read: early access) edition of PUBG was released earlier this week on Xbox One and it’s not the best performing title on the console.

Compounding the performance issues is the lack of local servers for Australians. Anyone trying to play the game is given the option of connecting to North American, European or Asian servers, none of which are close enough to give Aussies a lag-free experience.

We contacted Microsoft about their plans for local servers and a spokesperson had this to say:

“The PUBG Corp. team has selected the server structure that best meets the needs of each region and provides the most optimal wait times and gameplay experiences available in each market. In addition to the servers available immediately at launch and with the opening of the Asia server option, the team will continue investigating the need for new servers in different regions to better serve the growing PUBG community on Xbox around the world.”

So there’s hope. If there’s enough demand Microsoft may add local servers for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds but don’t hold your breath.


      • Every recording shown (even when running 1080p) has been sub 20 averages. Keep telling yourself that it runs fine.

        • That’s not true, Digital foundry video in the other article shows it consistently running 25-30fps apart from jumping out the plane.

      • I saw you reply so I will just put mine here.

        You also lose fps the second more than a few players are on screen, which is why spawn is shit and likely why squad play is disabled.

        • I think you’re replying to the other user. My comment was about 12 fps not being my experience. It was pretty janky, but I’d seen it run smooth enough for play in the half an hour or so I played yesterday. It ran about as well as a game in beta could be expected to run imo.

          • You still playing? What’s your GT? I’ve played about 20hrs now managed 1 dinner a couple second places but literally no one on my friends list is playing

        • Squads isn’t disabled? I haven’t had an issue got a 2nd this morning, my only issue is no OCE servers now I get the odd server error and pause.

  • I doubt Xbox will get Aus servers, they already have stated that its unlikely at this stage PC will get First person servers due to the lack of player base, and splitting it might increase load times and lessen the player count in each game for our player base. They care for the experience as a whole, even at the lack of even ground to stand on for our little nation.

    • They added first person server options to the australian servers on pc months ago after we backlashed and signed a petition to add them. Few days later we got them added after they announced aus wasnt going to get the option

      • This is good and all, but the’re only allowing groups to participate in FPP servers only, which im assuming is to help with making sure high numbers populate the server rather than relying on individuals. I’d like to be able to play the mode i want without being told i cant.

      • Nice. Glad theyre making things better for smaller communities. Seemed doubtful from what they were presenting to players as excuses to not do certain things to keep player counts high in every match.

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