Not That Kind Of Land

Not That Kind Of Land
Image: Wizards of the Coast / Ciruelo

A real estate agent has posted an advertisement on the Facebook group New England Real Estate Coalition. So far so normal. The Facebook group is not for discussing buying and selling real estate in the New England area. It’s for discussing the Magic: the Gathering deck archetype called ‘Lands’.


A screencap of the interaction has been posted on Reddit and the comments involve exactly the sort of sarcastic leg-pulling you would expect with group members asking for helping buying ports in Rishada and bogs in Bojuka.

Not That Kind Of Land

‘Lands’ is a deck archetype in the Magic’s Legacy format that almost entirely consists of land cards. Players aim to win using a combination of Thespian Stage and Dark Depths as well as a handful of other tricky strategies.

New England Real Estate Coalition is dedicated to helping players learn how to play with and against the deck. Not buying up swathes of land, although quite a few of the cards in the deck fetch a substantial price on the secondary market.


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