Obsidian Promises ‘No Microtransactions’ For Unannounced Game Under Take-Two’s Private Division Label

Obsidian Promises ‘No Microtransactions’ For Unannounced Game Under Take-Two’s Private Division Label
Image: Obsidian Entertainment

One of the studios under Take-Two’s new “Private Division” label is Obsidian Entertainment, with a “yet to be announced project” for it already in the works at the developer. While no one has ever accused Obsidian of being money-hungry, the relationship with Take-Two has raised concerns, enough for the company to nip the microtransaction issue in the bud.

Obsidian’s announcement can be found on the company’s own forums:

We’re extremely excited about our upcoming RPG, and we know you are too. We wish we could tell you all about it right now… but we’re going to hold off until the time is right. What we did want to talk about was a question a lot of you have been raising: “Will this upcoming game feature any lootboxes or other microtransactions?”

The answer is simply: “no.” No microtransactions, of any kind, in our game.

The post goes on to say that Private Division has been “incredibly supportive of our vision, our creative freedom, and the process by which we work to make RPGs” and are “fantastic partners”.

It’s an odd thing to have to post before your game is even announced, but it seems the recent unpleasantness with EA and Battlefront II was enough to put Obsidian (and Take-Two) on the front foot.

The strange times we live in when announcements about removing things or promising not to have them at all is normal.

A note about microtransactions in our upcoming RPG [Obsidian]


  • Its not so much because of EA and Battlefront 2 (though it does come up), but the Fact that the CEO of Take2 said that all future games from Take2 will include microtransactions all while WB and EA and Bethesda (Creation Club) were taking flack (rightfully) for their bullshit

  • Wow, You know the game industry is in a sad state where game companies have to state their games dont contain microtransactions or lootboxes. #FuckEA

    • Yes and no. Dlc done right is leagues better because at least you know what you are paying for AND you get exactly what you pay for.. even though the terrible ones are stupidly useless and/or overpriced. But again you at least have that guarantee…

      Lootboxes is just cancer where you’re paying for the chance to get sonething you want

    • If it’s not their new one then my guess would be Pillars of Eternity? I haven’t played it, though, so I can’t say for sure.

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