‘One Key Element’ Stops Ataribox Crowdfunding Campaign In Its Tracks

‘One Key Element’ Stops Ataribox Crowdfunding Campaign In Its Tracks
Image: Atari

The Ataribox will be Atari’s modern crack at the console market — if only the company could make some solid progress on the actual hardware. Unfortunately, the project is essentially on hold, with the December 14 Indiegogo campaign suspended for an undisclosed period of time.

According to a story by VentureBeat’s Stephanie Chan, Atari released the following statement when the crowdfunding effort failed to go ahead:

“Because of one key element on our checklist, it is taking more time to create the platform and ecosystem the Atari community deserves … Building Ataribox is incredibly important to us and we will do whatever it takes to be sure it is worth the wait.”

The company did not provide any further details, including what this “key element” is, or an updated timeline for the campaign.

While no one is expecting the Ataribox to dethrone the Xbox One, PS4 or Switch, bringing an entirely new console to market is not an easy task. I doubt this will be the last time the Ataribox runs into problems.

Ataribox hits the pause button on its crowdfunding campaign [VentureBeat]


      • Maybe the games themselves will come in loot boxes, so you just pay your money and get a random game, and then just have to keep paying money until you get the game that you actually wanted.

        • Maybe they are finalising development of loot ninja. Use motion controls to break apart loot boxes, each one charging your credit card with a random amount of money. The surprise is when you get your bill.

    • The key element is they forgot to ask engineers to build it.
      This has been so much a marketing and sales project it wouldn’t surprise me they forgot designing the internals.

      If its like any project on Kickstarter the prototype case doesn’t fit the internals… cause what they prototype may not be what they can get parts and manufacturing for. (after all Nintendo Switch delays was parts issue)

      Or its a licensing issue, when they bought the Atari brand they didn’t get all the rights to the original content… its probably a nightmare.

      • When Atari went bankrupt recently their IP got sold off all over the place. They still own a lot of their original IP though.

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