Orisa Gets Puppy

The new Overwatch holiday event, Winter Wonderland, has begun. 'Tis the season for new skins and emotes, now with puppies!

Image credit: Blizzard.

This event's smorgasbord of skins sees everybody ready to frolic about in the wintery weather... except Junkrat, who looks like he just got back from an excruciatingly long day at the beach, or a short day in a furnace.

But none of that matters because, thanks to a new emote, ORISA HAS A PUPPY NOW:


Other highlights include Roadhog's dazzling, Cecilia D'Anastasio-approved Walrus skin:

To heal, he scarfs down a tin of tuna:

And because Blizzard just can't turn down the opportunity to transform Overwatch's most notorious doof lords into irritatingly attractive odes to the human form, I now present Hot Hanzo (Hotzo):

Wait, hold on a second...

That's better.

Oh, and let us not forget:

Dang, Sombra. Dang.

Here are all the rest:

So many owls! BUT STILL NO NEW PHARAH SKIN. Whatever, Jeff Kaplan. I didn't want anything for Christmas anyway.


    The puppy is cute and all. Just a psa as an animal lover, giving someone a puppy or kitten for Christmas is very irresponsible. But if you must, use the shelter!

      Dont releasea dog into a battlefield (end of the emote).

      Stuff it back into the box (repeating the emote)

      That puppys existence is a perpetual nightmare of always existing in a the box until it is opened adored for a single moment and then released into a war zone where it ceases to exist again.... only to awake back in the box with no memory.

    that junkrat skin is perfect.
    although it doesnt make a lot of sense to me that they would give junkrat an aussie summer skin and not roadhog seeing hes from the same part of the world.
    but i still like them both anyways.

      do you really want to see almost the whole of Roadhog in speedos? Pass. hehe

        Budgey smuggler hog, i'd pay real money for this to ruin everyones eyes every game for years

          would it be a budgey or more of a lorikeet?

    Thank you blizzard for realising it's Summer here and giving Junkrat appropriate attire

    hm...Maybe, just *maybe* I might come back if they have a special mode

    the last two junkrat skins really do show Blizzard understands its Australian audiences. I dont know whether it was the 'leg before wicket' line with the cricket outfit or the fact he gets a summer outfit for a winter wonderland but it just makes me smile.

    While I was pretty disappointed Orisa didn't get a reindeer skin I saw that new emote and insta-bought it.

    All is forgiven, Blizzard! ;)

    Ya know Junkrat is Aussie and we in OzLand spend Christmas day at the beach in our shorts lol so his skin reflects our Christmas!

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