Our Favourite Huawei Mate 10 Photo Mode Competition Entries (And The Winner!)

Our Favourite Huawei Mate 10 Photo Mode Competition Entries (And The Winner!)
Image: Kotaku

Recently we asked you to send us your best photo mode snaps, and holy crap did you deliver! We had a plethora of beautiful entries, and even though we could only choose one winner, we thought we would also share some of our other favourites.

Brought to you by the Huawei Mate 10 and its AI -assisted Leica Dual-Lens Camera, featuring object recognition and the ability to automatically adjust camera setting to produce vibrant, sharp and perfectly composed photographs, even in low light.

Let’s start with our winner. We couldn’t get over how stunning this entry by @jdub was!

Image: @jdub

Congratulations @judub! You are the winner of a brand new Huawei Mate 10! You’ll be getting an email from us very soon!

Honestly though, so may of you sent in truly stunning pictures – so here are some of our favourites for your viewing pleasure!

Image: @alayna
Image: @boombop360

Image: @zombiejesus
Image: @dburns
Image: huynhngan2401

Image: @armsrace
Image: @talicca
Image: @edc
Image: @salidfingaz
Image: @musedragon
Image: @waferbaby
Image: @noodlemonster21


A huge thank you to everyone who entered. This is one of the best comps we have ever run – it’s been an absolute pleasure to see all of your creativity.


  • Horizon has one of the best (if not the best) photo modes out there. Love the winning entry along with the others.

  • Thanks Kotaku!


    It was a fun comp! I only just ran into the NPC who shows you the camera function the other day and really liked the look of New Donk City in B+W. I spent ages waiting for the perfect conditions for the shot – pigeons in front of the moon, no flying taxis (they were too bright) and pigeon on Mario’s nose facing the right way. I’m glad it paid off!

    Great entries and my fave was the last Horizon one on this page by @noodlemonster21

    Just a heads up, my username is @jdub, not @judub as written above.

    Thanks again Kotaku and Huawei!

    • Hi Tegan,
      Any news on when I should expect the prize for this competition?
      I haven’t heard anything so far.
      Cheers, dub.

  • I was a couple of days late to enter this, but I can safely say, I wouldn’t have won. Some amazing shots here! Especially 1, 6,7 and 12!

    Well done everyone!

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