PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Finally Comes Out For Real Today

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Finally Comes Out For Real Today

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the glitchy but charismatic survival shooter that has averaged over one million players in early access, is finally seeing a full release today. It’s been a long, wild ride for the genre-defining hit, and with Battlegrounds updating to 1.0 at 2pm EST today, that ride’s not even close to over.

The last-man-standing game has seen a whirlwind of success since its early access release in March. Its developer, full of glitches. Its devotees don’t care — they just love the adrenaline rush that comes with watching 100 people gradually dwindle to one last winner, who gets to see the coveted screen declaring “Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner.”

Battlegrounds is a multifaceted game, to say the least. Every playstyle goes. Its capacity for improvisation and on-your-heels creativity — like the squad who infiltrated a pack of 20 enemies in their underwear — has made internet celebrities, like Dr. Disrespect, over and over. It’s also attracting a blossoming, and very flawed, esports scene.

Earlier this month, Battlegrounds ported to Xbox. There were lots of issues, namely framerate drops, which are currently getting patched.

With Battlegrounds 1.0, we’ll finally be seeing the game’s much-anticipated desert map Miramar and its replay feature, which has already inspired players’ ridiculous Battlegrounds action movies. Look forward to our coverage of Battlegrounds 1.0 throughout the week. 


  • I’ve found watching the progress of survival games like PUBG fascinating and have to confess I’m a bit perplexed as to all the media attention it is given. From my perspective it is merely the latest iteration of open world survival games that the media appear to be obsessed about, and yet again it’s a buggy mess.

    Like every game of its kind before it, the audience will move on as soon as the next open world survival game appears in early access, and the cycle will continue.

    • PUBG has broken all kinds of records as far as game sales and concurrent players are concerned. Whilst yes, there is a cyclical nature to these releases PUBG has been a completely dominant force in the market since it’s Alpha release and has set a pretty high benchmark. Add this on the back of its spiritual predecessor, the DayZ mod for Arma2 and you’ll realise this is no ordinary ‘survival’ game.

      • arma2 sucks, eveyr arma game suck its one shot kill, its like play hided and seek, but will a long distance touch.

    • @harrisben

      I get what you’re saying, but I think you’re wrong.

      There will be competitors.. but PUBG will remain the CS:GO of the genre.

      I’m actually kinda surprised Valve hasn’t bought them yet.

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