Playstation's 12 Deals Of Christmas Starts Today

Image: Sony

It's December and that means shopping centres across the country have switched over to playing endless Christmas carols (if they haven't already). It also means that Christmas deals are now a thing and Playstation have started their annual '12 Deals of Christmas' with a "hefty" discount on Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

Starting today and running through to December 24, Playstation's 12 Deals of Christmas promotion offers substantial discounts on different games every other day.

First cab off the rank is Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, the enhanced remake of the classic Playstation trilogy for $43.95.

After 48 hours the deal will expire and be replaced with a shiny new game that you may or may not have just bought during the Black Friday madness.

[Playstation Blog]


    A whole $1 cheaper than most of us bought it on release day... and that’s considered a “hefty” discount?

      lol yep. PS store is ridiculous.

        Once in a blue moon you'll be lucky to find an amazing bargain. I don't see a lot of blue moons these days

          I've found a few good deals over the years on older games. Metro series for next to nothing, Steep with all dlc for around $30.

        Indeed it is lol almost as bad as EB Games. However the comfort of my sofa usually wins out. Damn you laziness!

      Considering that EB had a deal on launch where you could trade any PS4 game ($2 preowned skylanders) and get a copy of Crash for $20, I can't see how this could be looked at as a good price by anyone.

    If you want people to get hyped about an ongoing sale, you have to start with a bang. I sure hope this isn't Sony's idea of a bang!

    Wait what?! Didn't I pay 39.99 for Crash?! What is this sorcery?!?

    This is a pretty crappy deal. The game should have been 40 dollars at most at launch.
    The PSN store has some great specials now and then, but their pricing for new games is ridiculous.
    I’ll wait till it’s 25 dollars to get my fill of nostalgia.

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