Poison Ivy Encounters The Ripper In The First Clip From Gotham By Gaslight 

Poison Ivy Encounters The Ripper In The First Clip From Gotham By Gaslight 

Brian Augustyn and Mike Mignola’s moody Batman “Elseworlds” tale is making its way to animation, giving us a Dark Knight prowling the streets of 19th century Gotham. But you won’t actually meet him in the first clip from the movie, which all about Batman’s foe: Jack the Ripper, who apparently holidayed in Gotham in this reality.

Image: Still via Youtube

The first clip from next year’s entry into the DC animation roster of films sees “Pamela the Plant Lady” (as she’s known here) encounter a strange man in the darkest alleyways of Gotham City… only to find out that he’s actually the legendary killer stalking the city’s streets, hunting down and murdering women. So all in all, it doesn’t look like a great time for Poison Ivy. You know, because of the whole potential murder thing.

The clip likely won’t do much to help cast aspersions against the occasionally questionable portrayals of female characters in the DC animated movie slate recently – especially given that Poison Ivy wasn’t in the original comic, so she’s a new addition here to the Ripper’s targets. But hey, maybe Pamela will show off a few of the powers we’re more familiar with from the comics instead of seemingly falling victim to the Ripper’s blade as this clip hints.

Batman: Gotham by Gaslight is set to release February 14 on Blu-ray and DVD.



  • I’m hoping this is just a ruse and Ivy is actually going to overpower the ripper using her plant magic in order to take him back to her lair and use him as a breeding tool for a new species of plant life. Even if only temporarily. But what will likely happen is Batman will suddenly appear and save the poor, poor plant lady from her untimely death. Swoon.


  • kinda suprised its posion ivy and not Selena kyle, considering that Jack the Ripper’s victims were Ladies of the Night

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