Pokemon Fans Are Having Fun With 'Cute Ash'

Next year's Pokemon movie features a new look for Ash. Fans say the design looks kawaii or "cute" and are having fun churning out tweaked versions.

[Image: Majibeef]

Ash From Pokemon Will Change Again Next Year

Over the years Ash's appearance has changed. In next year's Pokemon anime movie, the eternal 10-year-old will once again look different.

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Twitter user Majibeef's "cute Ash" image has been retweeted over 75,000 times.

Other Twitter users have been adding their own takes.

Like clockwork, there has been fan art, too.

And one prediction for what the character will look like in 2020.

We can only hope.


    You do realize this is an English news site right? put some translations up there.

      There are people here who don't speak Japanese?

    Thanks for linking us all these hot twitter takes in Japanese with no translation, Brian. Very good article. :\

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