Popular Streamer Dr Disrespect Says He Was ‘Unfaithful’ To Wife, Will Take Time Off

Popular Streamer Dr Disrespect Says He Was ‘Unfaithful’ To Wife, Will Take Time Off

Popular PUBG streamer Guy Beahm, aka Dr Disrespect, said on a Twitch stream today that he has been “unfaithful” to his wife and will consequently be “taking some time away” from streaming.

Beahm, who has 1.4 million Twitch followers, was awarded the Trending Gamer award at the Video Game Awards last week in Los Angeles.

“I’m going to take some time off to focus on stupid fuckin’ mistakes,” Beahm said, visibly in tears, in the message, which was delivered out of character. “I’m going to take time off to focus on my family.”

You can watch Beahm’s full statement below.


  • Man who calls himself Dr. Disrespect is Disrespectful to his wifr and marriage.

    Thats some grade A irony there

  • While it’s a shame that the show won’t be up anymore, the “this isn’t me” excuse is over played. He should have kept his head out of the clouds.

  • seriously bad form to drag you families dirty laundry out in public for starters, as if cheating wasnt bad enough.

    stinks of someone trying to lower their guilt via a “public apology” as well as possible strategy to just limit loss of views while away, or even potentially gain some long term assuming a fair percentage of his viewers are male…and sadly many males will be “sympathetic’ and be of the mind of “oh he feels bad, so its ok, he owned his mistake”

      • Don’t get me wrong, I hope he gets his nasty removed. And I k ow most guys would agree. But can’t deny in gamer land…. A lot of guys would actually feel sympathy for him despite it ring a hole he dug himself.

        • You realise it’s possible
          to sympathise or empathise with him without defending or agreeing with him right?

          I feel pretty bad for the guy and even worse for his wife.
          Doesn’t mean I think any of it was ok by any means.

          • As silly as the argument sounds.. I would be more inclined to sympathise /empathise with someone in his position if they kept the detail private (silly because then I wouldn’t know so couldn’t feel empathy or sympathy). I just get a very cynical vibe that this vid was 100% self serving, and for his families sake (personal opinion as I don’t know them) think a simple “I’m taking some. Time of for the family” would have been better. But as i said… I’m just cynical.

          • Oh no I’m cynical as hell, I don’t think he should’ve dragged his baggage out in to the street either.

            Rolls in to the whole streaming as a career and the accessibility of streamers, wheelhouse a bit too.

          • What is this was something his wife asked him to do? What if it was one thing she requires to keep their relationship together? You don’t know everything so don’t assume anything.

    • I mean I know what you mean, but is he really minimising damages?
      I mean was his wife going to hack his twitter and pin “I’m a cheater” on his profile?
      Best argument I could make is that he probably just feels bad and wants to make a gesture by being honest.

      • Well, let’s say it gets out some other method.. The person he was unfaithful with, a keen eyed observer.. Whatever. He’s already done his “walk of shame” I guess,

  • hahahahahahahaha

    I enjoy the guys streams and positive message he’s been sending with the actual awards he’s won and what not, but jeez.

    Should never have come to it, if it’s as cut and dry as his video says, that he cheated on his wife. Where was the transparency when you first did it or the second time etc.

    Oh, and he has a kid. Which just makes it all the more worse.


  • If your going to get it on with other woman, don’t tell the wife. Its only human nature to seek multiple partners, especially for men, it goes against our very nation to settle down with just one sexual partner for life. WHY do you think most marriages fail!

    • Pretty sure its against our very nature to live so close to other tribes without beating them about the head with a rock as well, but….there is this really strong argument called nurture over nature.

      But if you want to act like an animal, dont be surprised if people treat you like one. He will not get off this lightly.

    • ‘WHY do you think most marriages fail!’

      Because a huge number of men think like you do and don’t make an effort.

    • there are plenty of examples in animals where monogamy is the way of life, as is true of the opposite.
      i cant disagree with you, but i also cant agree with you.
      when you get married or have a kid with someone i believe you are making a commitment to that person and only that person, and if you wish to behave otherwise, dont crush someone else who believes you are with them to be faithful. even if he wasnt married, its a douchey thing to cheat. but you are correct, marriages fail because people either regret their decision to remain faithful, dont have the balls or brains to work on their committed relationship, or are just selfish fucks who dont care about destroying relationships and hurting people. we all get tempted in one area or the other, but it doesnt make it ok to act on those temptations. its still a choice after all.

    • Another twitch streamer is confirmed a fallible human, further addled by fame. I’m not excusing him, just saying that his unfaithfulness is not caused by what he does, nor what he does is a surefire flag for decency failure. Good and bad people are found anywhere.

    • I just typed that line into Google to try and get some context for what it meant…

      The 30 seconds twitch video that comes up… Hoo Boy!

  • He keeps saying he wants to be “transparent with you guys” but I don’t get it. He’s not married to his audience, why does an entertainer need to have that level of audience facing integrity? He’s married to his wife, he cheated on his wife, he didn’t cheat on the audience. How is it anyone’s business but he and his wife’s? Why not just have some dignity and grace and take time off for ‘personal reasons.’

    • Taking a guess, he cheated with one of his viewers, there was a fall-out and now the ex-lover is threatening to go public to the Twitch community, so he beat her to the punch.

  • He made it public because he wants to be the first to admit that he made the mistake. He’s admitted to his blunder and that takes some guts.

    I don’t agree with cheating under any circumstance, but he got one thing right; the first step towards recovery is being open that you made a mistake. He’s very honest and close with his fans, and this is the way he saw was the best way for them to learn about it instead of, I don’t know, reading an article?

    Cut him a break, cheating is wrong, but owning up is even harder. He clearly loves his daughter, and his wife, and he’s doing all he can to prove to them that he wants a second chance even if it means taking a break from his very cluttered lifestyle.

    • I agree.You know it is ok to feel sympathy for someone who has done the wrong thing, especially if they are trying to do the right thing. It should be encouraged…. you know doing the right thing. Kotaku comments section has been very pitchforky lately and quite judgmental.

    • He’s owning up because he cheated with one of his fans and wants to beat her to the punch. Now it’s stories like this instead of EXCLUSIVE SCANDAL REVEALS.

      Cynical PR from an awful person trying to protect his income stream by throwing his family in the public spotlight. Based on your post, at least it worked with some people I guess.

  • Twat Twitch streamer acts like a twat in real life. News at 11.
    Next up – does cleavage really attract Twitch subscribers? We discuss with Professor Tits MacGee…and the results may surprise you!

  • im really torn, with this news.
    i think hes an absolute legend for the community he created and i do believe he had to come clean with them seeing hes all about setting a culture of community and inclusion, even amongst the brash and bravado.’
    but hes made his bed and now has to lay in it. and i think hes an absolute bottom feeding scum sucker for what he did, and he deserves whatever fallout that happens. the reason it also pisses me off is because of the audience that follows him, some of them are young, naive kids who dont have the brain to navigate the news of what an idol has done.
    i also hope he repairs things with his wife, but that is going to be a long, painful and ugly road to recovery, and its going to take two to tango if they both are committed to making it work.
    im unsure on weather i want to write him off or be in support of his recovery. but at the end of the day, we should all just probably ensure we are making the best of our own lives and making decisions that lift up others. well, thats my challenge for myself anyway.

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