PUBG About To Double Its Number Of Maps

Image: Steam

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has one map for players to airdrop into and run amok in. Soon it will have two with a post on Steam showing new details about the new desert map - Miramar.

We've known that the desert map was coming for a little while now. Now we know more about it, thanks to a Steam Community post by PUBG's development team.

Miramar looks completely different from PUBG's current - and only - map Erangel, which I've just been calling 'The Island' this whole time. Instead of lush fields and forest, Miramar is harsh desert.

The changes aren't just cosmetic, the developers hope the new map will "create a new Battle Royale experience where the old strategies may no longer work and new tactics are required."

Miramar will be available during the final test round before PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds hits version 1.0, which is planned for later this month.

Image: Steam

Regions of the new map include; El Pozo with its Luchador Arena, the oceanside Valle de Mar and the very vertical Chumacera.

More details about the different regions of Miramar and how they play can be found in the announcement.



    I'm tempted to get it for the Xbox, but it's the "game preview edition" and I'm not entirely sure what that means.

    Does that mean if they ever release a full version I'll have to fork out again for the full version, or do I own the game in full, and they're covering themselves if they never release a full version?

      Wait... why does PUBG have a boxed release? That's like going to Harvey Norman and being able to buy two-thirds of a dishwasher.

      Rhetorical question. The answer is clearly "money."

      Nah, you won't have to fork out any more $$ later. I'm pretty sure "game preview edition" just means its still in early access, though 1.0 is only a couple weeks away.

        Kind of like a kickstarter then, you're paying less now for unfinished product that might be released for more later?

          Pretty much yeah. $30 for one of the best games ever IMO is a steal.

    Hehehehe so many mountains for sniper action. PEWPEWPEW

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