Welcome back to another week of incomprehensible scribbles after a long weekend (hopefully) full of delicious food and lovely presents. Now I don't think I've ever been able to get Alex's ScribbleTakus, so hopefully anyone in the same boat will have more luck with mine while he's on a well-deserved holiday.


    .... doubtful! I think you hit the nail on the head when you said "incomprehensible scribble". wth even is that? boxes? server rack? poo in a bag? tetris blocks missing a piece?

      That's the beauty of ScribbleTaku, isn't it ;)

        hahah well in one sense... but usually it's obscure clues, things that could belong to one of many games, but generally you tend to know what it is you're looking at ;)

          (I have the feeling you've stumped welbot with this one, Hayley haha)

            Hayley thanks for doing this while everyone is off on a break. You're a legend and I'm pretty sure I know what it is :D

              Indeed! Not saying I don't appreciate it... just possibly one of the most non comprehensible ones I've seen so far ;)

          You did see my three weeks of ScribbleTaku, right? :p

            lol yeah. but at least most of those it was possible to guess what the object in question was. What game it was in was a different matter ;)


      heh that's what I was trying to think of when I said about the tetris piece! lel. So long since I played columns. Wasn't a regular thing for me as it was on Megadrive, and I never had one

    This is clearly a picture of missingno
    therefore pokemon red/blue/green/yellow

    This is a picture of Bethesda's latest game - Skyrim: Tamagotchi Edition... the textures sadly have not handled the lower GPU power well :/

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