As picked up by tiger858, yes, yesterday's ScribbleTaku was the engine indicator from Star Wars Episode 1: Racer for the N64. 'Tis the season.

For today's scribble, I'm going a little bit weirder. I apologise.


    Giant, poison spewing worm from any number of JRPGs

    they look like a terrifying version of the seaweed baddies from Mario Odyssey...

    Last edited 28/12/17 1:22 pm

    hmmmm looks so familiar... not sure where from though!

      Your nightmares. Obviously.

      Last edited 28/12/17 8:58 pm

    I recognise it but I can't quite picture the game in my head.

    Gonna take a wild stab and say Devil's Crush/Dragon's Fury.

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