Some Familiar Faces Are Coming To Street Fighter 5

Some Familiar Faces Are Coming To Street Fighter 5

The third season of Street Fighter V characters was announced after the conclusion of this year’s Capcom Cup, and there’s a slew of old faces finally returning to the fight.

Sakura, Blanka, Cody, and Sagat will return to the ring, alongside newcomers G and Falke. All were shown in a fancy new story trailer, as part of the Arcade Edition upgrade.

Sakura also got a gameplay reveal trailer, showing off her general move set and two V-Triggers. It’s interesting to see her wearing a headset mic alongside her classic Ryu-styled headband and gloves.

Sakura will be available Jan. 16, 2018, the same day as the release date of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. The rest of the characters will trickle out over the course of the year.

I leave you with one parting note: Why does Cody suddenly look so debonair?


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