Sorry, I Don’t Like Okami

I don’t like Okami. It’s taken me 11 years to admit that. I captured the confession in this video, which I present for your watching.

Okami is one of the most breathtaking visual experiences yet committed to video game graphics, and a new version, Okami HD was just released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam on December 12. I pounced on the occasion to revisit it in this, its newest, shiniest form.

I had paid for Okami‘s beautiful graphics three times in the past — on PlayStation 2, Wii, and PlayStation 3. All three times, I drifted away from the game after about 10 lazy hours.

This week, the spell was broken. I finally admitted to myself that maybe I don’t like this gorgeous game. This is a different feeling from “I wanted to like it.” This is more like “I thought I did like it.”

It occurs to me that Okami is the prototype form of what I now call a “Kickstarter Game” — a game you see in GIFs with 2,000 retweets before you click the link, watch a trailer, and say “Heck yeah.” Two years later, you fondly glance at its name in your Steam library list, and you think, “Heck yeah.” I’ve been doing that to Okami for eleven years.

Now I am honour-bound to shout out God Hand. People always talk about Okami, and how it was one of the last games Clover Studio made. Too many people forget to lament God Hand: released five months after Okami in 2006, it was truly Clover’s last and greatest game and the true masterpiece of the year 2006. Capcom has lovingly remastered Okami three times since its initial release.

All God Hand gets is a lethargic rollout as a “PS2 Classic”. Come on, Capcom: give us a 16:9, 4K, 60fps remaster of God Hand already. I’d buy four copies.

[Disclosure: I worked with God Hand director / Clover Studio co-founder Shinji Mikami on a game from 2007 to 2010. Yes, we talked a lot about how IGN gave God Hand a 3 out of 10.]


    • I had paid for Okami’s beautiful graphics three times in the past — on PlayStation 2, Wii, and PlayStation 3. All three times, I drifted away from the game after about 10 lazy hours.
      That’s a fair enough reason, even if it’s not explored fully. Though yes, you would expect a games journalist to at least dig a little further into why – maybe the video does?

      • Well his reason for not liking is because Okami is like a “kickstarter game” whatever that means with no context whatsoever. Only thing i can think of is being incomplete and not up to the promises but Okami is none of those things.

        So it felt totally like a troll post trying to blatantly promote God Hand which after reading this post I have not searched for it and never will because this way of promoting already degrade that game so far that I will never check it out.

        • No you’re missing the point, he’s saying it ‘s like a kickstarter in the sense that the concept and graphics make you go “heck yeah” every time you look at it. Even after playing it and not enjoying it, he still sees it and goes “heck yeah” and forgets why he didn’t enjoy it. He goes into the reason he didn’t enjoy it in the video.

          Also the reason he mentions God Hand is because it is by the same studio that made Okami and was critically panned and broke the company even though it’s a great game. If you’re an Okami fan you should give God Hand a try, you know, considering it is Clover Studio’s swan song.

        • I don’t believe that’s the reason. The fact that he has been bored by it multiple times is the reason, and the kickstarter thing is a subsequent observation. Whatever. I played it a few years ago myself and it didn’t grab me, I may buy it again some time when it’s on sale (and probably got through the same process that Tim did!)

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