Soulcalibur VI Announced

Soulcalibur VI Announced

It’s been five years since the last main Soulcalibur release, so Namco Bandai knows it’s about time to roll out Soulcalibur VI.

It’s coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC in 2018.


  • Things I predict:
    – Voldo will look even more like he’s going to an S&M con.
    – Ivy’s breasts will be larger, and more impossibly contained by an even more smaller ridiculous outfit than last iteration.

    • Yeah sucks it isn’t coming to the Switch. Any local multiplayer game is perfect for the Switch IMHO.

      On the other hand the Switch is getting Bayonetta 1, 2 and 3!!!

  • I really want to know what they’re doing here. Soul Calibur V tried to basically reboot the franchise, but did it in a hamfisted way where they basically threw away the entire cast and replaced them with new, crappy versions. Trouble is that every character I ever enjoyed playing was thrown out and all the replacements weren’t as enjoyable, at least for me. I believe I wasn’t alone on this, the game basically seemed to torpedo the franchise.

    So the real question is whether the whole “History hides away more than one truth” line is a reference to this being a reboot or a “let’s pretend Soul Calibur V never happened” or if it’s a continuation with the V characters. Sophitia being back in kind of leans it toward being the former, but since this the voices in this trailer are dubbed and Bamco JP haven’t uploaded a Japanese version yet I can’t tell if we’re looking at a clean-shaven young Mitsurugi suggesting a reboot that I can get hyped about, or if we’re looking at a shitty replacement Not-Mitsurugi Young Dude That Fights A Lot Like Him suggesting Soul Calibur V is still canon and I can safely ignore this game.

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