Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Here Are All The Spoilers!

After two long years, the second instalment of the latest Star Wars trilogy is finally upon us. Today, Star Wars: The Last Jedi releases in cinemas. Many of you will be desperately trying to avoid online spoilers until you've seen it. Others will be actively hunting down and devouring every plot point. This article is for the latter group. (Spoiler Warning. Obviously.)

Firstly, here are the main plot beats. (We've kept this bit spoiler-lite for people who just want a summary of the story. But we're still gonna spoil stuff, so proceed with caution!)

Star Wars: The Last Jedi kicks off with a First Order attack on a Resistance base. We are treated to a spectacular space battle that would traditionally end one of these movies. It's great!

Despite bringing down an entire dreadnought ship, Poe Dameron (the dreamy pilot guy from the first film) proves he's a little too hot-headed and impulsive to be an effective leader. After joining up with the escaping fleet, General Leia gives him a dressing down and demotes him.

Across the galaxy, Rey is attempting to convince Luke Skywalker to join the fight, but he ain't having a bar of it. After a bunch of cajoling, he agrees to train her in the ways of the Force but begins to have second thoughts after realising she's attuned to the Dark Side.

Meanwhile, the Resistance is having an extremely rough time due to the First Order working out how to track their escape fleet through hyperspace. Finn and BB-8 embark on a covert mission to defuse the First Order's tracking system.

Along for the ride are series' newcomers Rose Tico (a Resistance maintenance worker who harbours feelings for Finn) and DJ (a dubious hacker they recruit along the way.) Unfortunately, things don't go according to plan and they all get captured. With the mission foiled, the Resistance fleet starts to get picked off, ship by ship.

Over in The First Order, Kylo Ren is still struggling to live up to the legacy of his teen idol, Darth Vader. He also establishes a telepathic link with Rey on Luke's island which neither of them fully understand.

Via flashback, it is revaled that Luke briefly contemplated killing Kylo due to the evil he sensed - but he could not bring himself to commit the deed. In some neat Rashomon style storytelling, we see the scene from both Luke's and Kylo's points of view. This misunderstanding is what caused the rift between teacher and pupil that helped tear apart the whole galaxy.

Despite Kylo's unforgivable sins, Rey is desperate to bring him back to the Light Side. Against Luke's wishes, she travels alone to confront him and Supreme Leader Snoke - just like Luke in The Return Of The Jedi. A big battle ensues and Rey escapes. Despite all the inner conflict, Kylo finally commits to the dark side.

The movie ends with a final showdown on an uncharted planet filled with red salt (where some of the more visually arresting images from the trailers come from). All hope seems lost... until Luke appears out of nowhere to save the day. The surviving resistance fighters make their escape with the knowledge that their struggle against the First Order will ignite a wildfire of resistance across the galaxy. End credits.

Want to know more? Here are the big, no-holds-barred spoilers!

Leia lives!

Following the untimely death of actress Carrie Fisher (and a none-too subtle hint in the trailer), many believed general Leia Organa would be killed by her evil progeny Kylo Ren, just like Han Solo.

Instead, Kylo deliberately spares her life. Nevertheless, her ship gets blown up by a pair of Kylo's underlings, causing her to be sucked out into the vacuum of space. HOWEVER - she survives the cataclysmic event (presumably because she is Force sensitive) and lives to fight another day. This means the filmmakers now need to explain her absence in the third film. Awks.

Luke dies! (Sort of)

In the final showdown with Kylo Ren, it is revealed that Luke isn't actually there. At least, not physically. He was simply projecting an image of himself from his island using the Force. It was all a ploy to buy the Resistance time to make their escape.

Despite this, after the battle, Luke looks off into the heavens and slowly disappears into the ether. Presumably, projecting a hologram across the galaxy expended too much Force. Another OT hero bites the dust.

Supreme Leader Snoke dies

We did not see this one coming. Supreme Leader Snoke is this trilogy's answer to Emperor Palpatine, so we were fully expecting him to stick around until the final act. Instead, he gets chopped in half by his protege Kylo Ren. We can't say we're sad to see him go - Snoke was one of the weakest aspects of The Force Awakens.

This does cause a bit of a villain vacuum though; neither Kylo Ren or High Commander Hux are particularly formidable. Maybe the Knights Of Ren (former Jedi pupils turned to the Dark Side by Kylo) will supply the threat that Part IX sorely needs.

Chewbacca eats a Porg!

In one of the funniest moments of the film, Chewie sits down for a nice meal of roasted Porg, only to be guilt-tripped by the onlooking survivors. Remember that whole "who would eat a Porg" thing that trended on Twitter? I'm now convinced that Disney's shady organic marketers orchestrated the whole debate. TRUST NO ONE! (Wait, wrong franchise.)

Rey's parents are nobodies!

The mystery surrounding Rey's parentage is finally uncovered. It's not Luke, or Han or anybody else from the Star Wars mythos. Turns out they were alcoholic junk traders who sold her as a kid for booze. Remember - anyone can be strong with the Force, even nobodies.

Granted, this information comes via arch villain Kylo Ren and could therefore be suspect - but it is heavily implied that Rey has always known this fact and just wanted to believe otherwise. Plus, we can't see what purpose revealing her parentage in Part IX would serve. She knows who she is and any self-doubt has already been erased.

Phasma dies (again)

Gwendoline Christie's Phasma is pretty much wasted in this movie - just like she was in The Force Awakens. We do get to see approximately nine percent of her face before she kicks the bucket though.

Admiral Akbar dies

The "It's A Trap!" guy gets blown up off-screen in a First Order attack. Bummer.

Yoda gets a cameo!

Everyone's favourite intergalactic Muppet has a tête-à-tête with Luke about setting dusty Jedi tomes aside and joining the fight. The pen might be mightier than the sword, but a lightsaber trumps them both.

Finn gets a kiss!

The aforementioned Rose plants one on Finn after rescuing his life. It's not clear yet whether her feelings are reciprocated.

Laura Dern is a badass

Not a spoiler, just a fact.


    I know you're all excited and stuff, but come on... "Carrie Fischer", "A Force Awakens", some details are worth paying attention to.

    Just got home from seeing it, didnt like the story. Dont really like where its going either.
    Oh well.

      It's going nowhere. You could literally skip this film and not miss a beat of where the story was at the beginning. It's just a detour from the main story this franchise has yet to actually set up.

      The way things are, it seems the next film will be fairly standalone.

        Right, because at the beginning of Episode 7 Rey had acknowledged her parentage, Luke was dead, Snoke was dead, and Kylo Ren had seized control of the First Order. Certainly not part of the main story. You can skip this movie and when Episode 9 comes out, you totally won't need to have seen anything in Episode 8. Somehow.

          Luke, who is Luke? Just a myth a legend in Ep 7. He'll be no more of the same in Ep9.
          Snoke, a character we know nothing about. Kylo being in charge of the first order is nothing too big. Seeing it's all so vaguely defined.
          Rey's Parents were no one in Ep 7. They're still no one. Of zero importance.

    "Laura Dern is a badass"

    What movie were you watching? Her arrogance cost the Resistance. If she just told Poe the plan, they wouldn't have tried their crazy plan, got caught, and compromised her plan. Her sacrifice was her just covering her own ass. Good riddance.

      I legit can't reconcile how stupid that was.
      The rest was great

      Phfft. Then we wouldn't have gotten the most legit badass, and utterly gorgeous shot in a Star Wars film ever. The Black & White slow motion post-hyperspace cruiser missile attack was stunningly beautiful.

      Also there's the whole chain of command thing. He got demoted, so why would someone outside of that chain need to know what was going on? Not to mention his character needed to develop from just being Wedge 2.0 (and a dreamboat), and into an actual leader. Took him to royally balls stuff up on the cruiser, to then be stunned by Leia before it started to sink in. He's going to be an interesting one come ep IX!

        Like I said elsewhere, this entire plot should've been Poe Dameron and Admiral Ackbar fighting and arguiing with each other, not Laura Dern. This whole plot called for someone we cared about to stoke conflict and to tear us apart when the death happened, instead, we got a cool shot and didn't care.

      To me it was both. Poe more than Dern.
      He was all smiles at the end even though the resistance was decimated.

      I was not a fan of the Finn and Rose mini arc and a lot of the humour fell flat for me.

      I said my piece regarding her useless, out of place character below. She shouldn't have been in the movie.

        My theory is she wasn't in the original script and a lot of her stuff was Leia.

          To me, it would've made a LOT more sense to have Admiral Akbar do it, or even Princess Leia. Imagine the goddamn sorrow that would've invoked. Leia dies rescuiing everyone to get them to the planet, Luke gives his life getting everyone off planet to spark the Rebellion again...

          And Lando is left alive for Episode IX and they goddamn better not kill HIM off!!!

          I have a feeling she was most likely in some SW-cross-marketing-expanded-universe-novel, so her character probably made more sense when taking that into account. Movies alone, just seemed out of place like Weresmurf said.

    Can someone tell me who the guys in red are? Are they the Knights of Ren?

      Pretty sure they're just Snoke's personal body guards. They were also show-boating assholes.

      I know they're called Praetorian Guards but that's it. Think they're just supposed to be Snokes version of the Royal Guard that the Emperor had.

    it was just so much damn fun, 'this is not going to go the way you think', no truer words have ever been spoken in Star Wars.

    Laura Dern was a completely redundant character. Her role should have been filled by Admiral Ackbar and *you know it*.

    Her character was a complete unknown, Admiral Ackbar however was known by all.

    She's introduced in a way that everyone supposedly knows her, is meant to agree with her and we're meant to feel some sort of conflict with siding with Poe? HELL NO.

    At no point did I feel she was correct, her actions were pointless and she carried no weight as a character other than the throwaway line of 'Leia trusts me'.

    Now had you had Ackbar in her role, rather than the bullshit throwaway line of "Oh Admiral Ackbar was killed", which was a HUGE disservice to a long time legacy character, you would have had true conflict. Having Poe have to face off against Ackbar, making the audience feel they have to choose between siding with Poe or Ackbar? Making Ackbar sacrifice himself at that point to save the fleet? That would've brought great emotional gravitas with it that would have brought tears to peoples eyes potentially.

    Instead it was 'holy shit that special effect looks cool... who was she again?'

    Laura Derns character was redundant, unneeded and shoehorned into that movie. She was a wasted role and the bloat the movie needed to trim.

      For all the criticisms he gets, Lucas was great at introducing some one and suggesting a history and backstory.

      I posted this in another comment but I suspect she wasn't in the script. I wonder if Carrie couldn't shoot for the require time and they did a bit of rewriting. Added a new character.

      I assume the reason she was used (rather than someone like Ackbar) is exactly because we would be less likely to trust her. I assumed they wanted us to side with Poe, thinking she is possibly a traitor (or just an idiot), before throwing the twist at us that she was actually trying to help.

      Maybe not the best writing for that part I agree but I can see what they were going for.

    I'm completely satisfied with my choice to wait for the DVD on this one.

    Last edited 14/12/17 7:02 pm

      It's a great movie and definitely better than Force Awakens, it's not without its issues and by god there's some moments of pure awe. I recommend a cinema viewing just don't believe those 'it's a perfect movie' reviews.

        ^This. I thoroughly enjoyed, but it has its flaws. Once the first week of hyperactive gushing is done with people will start discussing where it falls over more earnestly.

        Over edited, humour fell flat and overall felt too adhd attention span. Not long sequences no focus on an actual story arc. Did I I enjoy it yes, but rogue one was more Star Wars then this was.

          It's not over-edited, if anything it's under-edited if anything. Scenes that run on too long led to a two and a half hour movie. Entire subplots that don't need to be in there (Laura Derns character for example added nothing to the movie of substance and wasted screen time) and some scenes would've been better off not being in the movie at all (the nurses on Ach-Too... wtf was with that whole comedy segment... jesus... Star Wars isn't meant to be slapstick like that!).

          I love Rian Johnsons work, but I don't think this was his best stuff. I think the greatest offense was the lightsaber battles felt bland and the force itself was rather uninteresting. The lightsabers themselves didn't seem interesting, looking fake as hell in some places (yes I'm aware, they're special effects, but compare their look on Ach-Too, to Reys use of them in the snow in TFA, completely different look, no 'blue glow', it's a step down).

          I didn't enjoy the more 'grounded feel' and to be honest I didn't like that final shot of the kid with the broom, I felt it out of place. We should've settled on a shot of the ships leaping to hyperspace aaaaaand credits roll. Not a goddamn terrible looking scene with dodgy fx.

          Anyhow, still loved the film but I have some genuine bugbears about it. At least JJ Abrams made a loveletter to Star Wars with his movie, knowing what he wanted it to be. Rian Johnson made some WEIRD decisions with his movie, making something that coincidentally was also a Star Wars movie...

          I'm really, really looking forward to Abrams Episode IX moreso now.

            It’s still over edited, just more should of been taken out in the cutting room, the whole casino subplot made zero sense and scenes switched left right and centre. I think they tried to make everything sort of blend together but really it just took away from the individual plots

          What is interesting with Rogue One compared to TFA or TLJ is that it did more to expand what Star Wars is. What the Star Wars Universe is. Despite being nostalgic and a story we didn't need to know. It was better at giving us something we hadn't seen before. These have only really nailed some good characters and casting.

    You guys couldn't wait, like, a few days.
    Maybe past the weekend to start spoiling the movie?
    Give people a chance. Not everyone can skip work to go watch a film.

      With respect, the fact that this article contains spoilers couldn't be more blatantly conveyed.
      I think it's nice to have a space for this community to discuss the film and I have thoroughly enjoyed other people's take on the film and general opinions.

    Wow. I just got home from the cinema. Man that was some trash. I don't even know where to begin.

    Kylo Ren is simply an uninteresting villain. I feel the last film is left without a compelling villain now.
    Who the hell was Snoke anyway? Why was he CGI - looked awful.
    Leia's magical space flight? I'm willing to suspend my disbelief to ridiculous levels but that was pure nonsense.
    Finn and Rose's absolutely pointless and inconsequential expedition on to the Order's frigate. Achieved nothing.
    Luke projecting some image in the final battle - does that even fit within the constraints of Star Wars Force lore? Can Jedi do that and how does it work - were all of the crew of all those AT-AT's under his spell or was it really Luke conjuring an apparition?
    Underdeveloped romance with Finn and Rose was awkward.
    That trip to the casino city with those horse/dog/birds, coupled with that boring chase sequence. They looked more like The Last Guardian than The Last Jedi. Why was that story arc even in the film? Who was that hacker/thief dude, why did he betray them and what happened to him?
    Gwendoline's character?
    Laura Dern's arc - that whole sequence made no sense and was very lazily written. I genuinely thought she was a mole telling the Order where they were after light speed jumps.
    How did Rey get into the Falcon on red salt planet? Wasn't she with Kylo Ren like two seconds before?
    Way too much slapstick - it was out of place and didn't land.
    Luke's unwillingness to help initially then sudden change of heart upon seeing R2 was way too cliche for my tastes.
    Rey literally seeing a dark hole which represented the Dark Side was too basic and lacked the nuanced symbolism that I feel the Dark Side represents as a part of the human condition. Making it a tempting dark hole in the ground of some vision was lazy.
    Finn could literally have been written out of that movie and nothing would have been different.
    Luke was just poorly written.
    Yoda cameo and the exploding tree? What was that about?

    It just made no sense and copied far too many plot points of the original trilogy. Disappointing.

      When Hux came across Kylo laying in Snokes chamber he made a comment that Rey took Snoke's escape craft. So that's how she got back to Chewie. Who was where exactly with the Falcon the whole time?

      The exploding tree was Yoda ensuring Luke didn't discover Rey had taken the books. Not sure the point.

      The whole darkside and Rey thing seemed like they had some ideas that went no where. She's got so much darkness and then she doesn't.

      I personally found Kylo interesting. This was actually the sort of film where they should have ditched what a lot of side characters were doing. Not extended them with pointless plots.

      I think the failing is The Force Awakens did such a poor job setting up a larger story, setting up the universe in general and then this started right where that ended. The only story to continue was Rey and Kylo. There was no room or place to set up anything interesting for the other characters to do. It'd have been ballsy if they just left them offscreen for most of the film. Then they could have properly done the only story they were trying to tell.

      Kylo Ren is simply an uninteresting villain. I feel the last film is left without a compelling villain now.
      I completely disagree about Kylo but that's subjective really. As for the final villain, I wasn't sure myself at first if Kylo could carry it on his own but then we still haven't seen the Knights of Ren yet so I assume they will be the real villains.
      Who the hell was Snoke anyway?
      Don't know, that one bothers me too, I assume we'll find out about him eventually.
      Leia's magical space flight?
      Leia is force-sensitive so using the force to pull herself towards an object in a vacuum really isn't that crazy.
      Luke projecting some image in the final battle - does that even fit within the constraints of Star Wars Force lore?
      I guess you never watched Clone Wars/Rebels? Yoda did that shit all the time.
      How did Rey get into the Falcon on red salt planet? Wasn't she with Kylo Ren like two seconds before?
      Everything exploded, Kylo passed out, she was gone by the time he woke up - so not two seconds.
      ...sudden change of heart upon seeing R2
      I think it was more about a sudden change of heart after being reminded of Leias original call for help (and the events that followed).
      Luke was just poorly written.
      Yoda cameo and the exploding tree? What was that about?

      I disagree, thought Luke was great but again subjective. The tree was all about Yoda telling Luke to let go of the past. Some have also mentioned he may have burned the tree specifically to keep Luke from seeing that Rey stole the Jedi books - I assume if that's the case it'll come up in IX.

      It just made no sense and copied far too many plot points of the original trilogy.
      I agree it had issues - mostly the points I didn't quote like Laura Derns character and the Finn/Rose side-story which went on too long only to go seemingly no where and of course Phasma being wasted again - but overall I thought it was still a great film. If we don't get spirit-Luke in Episode IX though I will be sad.

        I watched all of the Clone Wars series, and I never saw Yoda project himself through the force like Luke did in Ep 8. However I haven't seen Rebels, so I can't answer for that.

          I thought he did in Clone Wars too but it's been a while since I've seen it. I know he does in Rebels, he pops up whenever Ezra goes into a Jedi temple.

        Appreciate your response. Whilst I certainly agree with the reasoning behind your explanations, for me they simply weren't satisfactory from a narrative perspective.

        I think where I take issue with Kylo is the actor. The character is well written, but I'm getting serious Hayden Christensen vibes from him - coming accross to weak as a personality and actor.
        With Leia, I just can't reconcile that someone can survive the vacuum of deep space. I'm willing to suspend disbelief, but that's where I draw the line and found it to be a cheap plot point.
        I haven't seen Clone Wars, so I wasn't aware Yoda did that - thanks for letting me know. I found that to be rather odd.

        Very curious to see how the trilogy wraps up but so far, I'm rather underwhelmed.

          Yeah, while I did enjoy this one, I left thinking wtf do they do for the next one?
          It certainly didn't go down how I was expecting so I'm not sure anymore. Excited to see the Knights of Ren but (regardless of my opinion on the character/actor) I'm not sure Kylo and/or his posse are really threatening enough to make a good 'big bad' for IX.

          I've liked Kylo for the journey he's had so far, so I'm hoping thwy continue that and open the next film with him heading to Korriban/Morriband to become an actual sith. Darth Kylo might make a better villain.

          You should be able to survive in space for several minutes without a space suit.

          I do find it funny that you are able to suspend disbelief for light sabers/ftl travel/aliens/the force in general but you draw the line at not being able to survive in space! Surviving in space does go against what Hollywood has built up over the years as an immediate explosive death but in reality you do have a small window of survival, which I find much more appealing!

          In saying that though, Leia pulling herself back to the ship didn't sit right, not for the space exposure but force pull back to the ship.

            I'm able to suspend disbelief for the existence of fictional obejcts, weapons, creatures, methods of travel, etc.

            Comparing those things to the survival of rapid decompression of a bridge struck by a rockets and a subsequent recovery from unconsciousness in space just to float back in to the airlock, is not a fair comparison to the concepts you mentioned. As I said - it's a cheap plot point.

    That was a bit of a weird film. In parts it felt like a SW movie and at other times it felt like an episode of a TV show.

    The people saying it’s the best since Empire are absolutely wrong.

    I desperately wanted to love it, but I left feeling neither satisfied nor dissatisfied.

    I agree with most of the above comments, a lot of the sub plots in this film just did not go anywhere and where pointless.

    Personally, I think I really just want to see the Jedi Order rebuilt and for the Rebels/Resistance to be a strong force within the galaxy. At the rate things are going, we aren't going to see this any time soon. We destroy the Death Star, the Empire is still dominant, we destroy the 2nd Death Star, the First Order emerge and are the dominant force within the galaxy. We destroy the Starkiller base, the First Order is still dominant... all the while the resistance is whittled down to almost nothing.

    I think that this movie was ok, it just isn't going where I envisioned.

    If Rey doesn't get trained by Lukes force spirit in the next film, I will be very very disappointed. I also wonder what they are going to do about Leia.

      If they are consistent, Leia will get the same treatment as Ackbar. One line explanation and off-screen death.

      I agree with this.

      My feelings are mixed. The resistance is nothing and my childhood wish of seeing the Jedi as a powerful organization like the days of old has been shot to the wind. The fact that this movie is moving far far away from how i envisioned it has left me utterly conflicted. The film itself was entertaining. But I feel that any lead up to a great battle between good and evil was utterly destroyed when Snoke exited stage left. I guess i was spoiled by the pace and epic'ness of the thrawn trilogy(which is not canon anymore) where it felt the positions of all the characters were justified. Now the film just makes me sad for people like Luke, Han and Leia where it appears everything they worked for has amounted to nothing and we are back in an even worse position then where we were at with a New Hope.

      I know the Sith only has a master and apprentice, but my own childish fantasies was wishing for a massive battle between dozens of lightsabre wielding knights against each other and i was hoping to see something like that with the knights of ren. But i feel the path once again will be a bunch of them ganging up on one or two solitary figures.

      Can't say the direction appeals to me, but to a the non-Star Wars fan, maybe this is the change it needs.

      It's just sad that if you look at the whole span of movies. The Rebellion\resistance and everyone in it has a very tragic existence.

    I didn't really like it, though it improved a lot in the second half. The first half was really boring and slow. Framing the whole thing around ships slowly chasing another ship was a big part of the problem, especially when it looked like Kylo and his gang could have taken the ship out by themselves.

    Rose (?) is the most boring new character ever. Could she be any more bland? Where are all the alien heroes? Outside Chewy (who's barely in the movie) it's just a bunch of humans.

    What was the point of Luke not really being there, only to just die anyway?

    So many of the jokes just died. Felt like they were trying way to hard. Firing Lord and Miller from Solo was a mistake I reckon.

    I liked Yoda...

    Ok, my thoughts on the movie. The story, message and characters seemed a bit shallow and vague. But looked amazing and there was enough good in it to make it worth the watch.

    1. The message. Was the story with Poe, don't be a hero. Doesn't this counter the entire original trilogy? That a hero can make the difference.
    2. Did the good guys just get beat up and then declare victory? The first order decimated their fleet. Luke is dead. There were only enough survivors to fit on the Falcon. That looks like a pretty decisive victory for the First Order if you ask me.
    3. The whole speeder on the salt boring ... nothing happened. They literally did nothing. Why didn't we get a cool hoth style battle sequence :(
    4. Kylo Ren. I loved the actor. He's doing an amazing job. He's just perfect for his role. Movement and voice. But they just don't give him much depth. Why did he align with Snoke? They keep promoting this conflict. He doesn't pull the trigger to kill his Mum. But he facilitated it.... so that makes him 95% guilty. But just not a man of conviction.

    And he's never successful or done anything to make me think he is (a) a warrior to be feared (b) mastermind able of crushing the rebellion. He seems to mess up all the time. Give the man some victories. It would have been great if his loss to Rey and his internal conflict was orchestrated to get Rey and himself in a room with Snoke. Because Snoke would need to split his attention between Rey and Ren, it allowed Ren the opportunity to betray him....

    Surprised to see so many people hating this film. I really enjoyed it! Even got goosebumps in a couple of parts. I think the tone of the first half was a bit all over the shop, but once it hit its stride I honestly felt like a kid again.

      I didn't hate it (I'm looking forward to watch it again) it just didn't go at all where I envisioned & wanted it too and I felt half the movie was quite pointless. The good bits were great, the bad bits were very bad.

      I'm hoping that it will grow on me on my next viewing.

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