Switch Accessory Turns Your Joy-Cons Into A Very Good Dog

When the Nintendo Switch was revealed last year, one of the most significant observations was how much the Charging Grip with a pair of Joy-Cons attached looked like a robot dog.

Hyperkin's Pupper Switch controller attachment follows that line of thinking to its adorable conclusion.

Pupper is a charging controller grip, so players can slide their Joy-Cons into it to create the illusion of mechanical canine life. Hyperkin's Chris Gallizzi tells Kotaku that the grip is angled "for more comfort" and not just to make the Pupper look cuter. That's what the mouth stickers are for.

Hyperkin just got their Puppers in today and will begin selling them on Amazon US on December 21 for $US19.99 ($26), which isn't a bad price for a charging grip. Will it work? Is it comfortable? I hardly think those are the important issues here. It's a pupper.


    Aw gawd, look at them eyes...

    You ain't getting any papers with that puppy.

      It's beautiful!

        A beautiful, wok-eyed pupper. Who would bring you a fence palling when asked to fetch the paper!

      I think the eyes are meant to the controller Activity lights, not the analog sticks.

    I’ve actually thought about this, and they’re doing the Center angled the wrong way, angle it outwards and have the grips wider out and you can basically give a more Normal feeling controller

      Yeah, but then it doesn't look like an adorable puppy.

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