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    Hey all, hope everyone had a good weekend. Wondering if anyone can help me with an issue. I’m on Telstra cable had an Xbox S and connected around 30mbps no issues, a friends fatbox also had no issues. I got a Scorpio edition X and since day one have only been connecting 1.3mbps. I thought the issue was the Xbox so I eventually took my scorpio back for a standard X and didn’t fix anything, every other device in my house still connects around 30 including my ps4. I’ve called Telstra they blamed Xbox I called Xbox they blame Telstra I’m starting to lose my mind over it, the Telstra gateway max is pretty locked down can’t figure out how to prioritise devices, has anyone had the same issue?

      Big question first, are you connected via wireless or an Ethernet cable?

        I’ve always used wireless but I tried wired and same result.

          I think it safe to say that your equipment is OK then. But it still makes it hard to tell if Telstra is throttling (wouldn't surprise me) or if Microsoft is doing the same thing as Sony and routing you to a bad, local mirror (again, wouldn't surprise me).

          Just to be sure though, has your friend bought his unit over to try your connection? Or, do you still have your XboneS to also try?

          If bringing your friend's device over yields the same outcome, try connecting another router to your TBox, find the IP address your XBox is using for updates, and on the router block that IP address to see what happens.

          Like I said earlier, Sony was found out routing (mostly) Australian gamers to poor local mirrors when downloading content and blocking a given set of IP address (while knocking out some services) actually sped up downloads.

            Reply fail: My friend brought his over a few months ago back when I had the S, sadly he works away and I’ve traded the S. I’d assume if it was the console the replacement X would have worked. I don’t have another router and allot of that tech stuff is over my head, I’ve had a play around with the Gateway Max and from what I’ve read online Telstra have restricted what you can and can’t do. Telstra are coming over tomorrow to test the lines and I’ve requested a new modem replacement, if that doesn’t work I’m not sure what I’ll do. My neighbour in the same apartment block has his X with Optus and no issues on ADSL connecting at around 20mbps.

              Fingers crossed it is just a bug in the device.

              Not to get too far off topic but this is why I actually try to use my own router rather than the one provided by Telstra. If you can get the connection settings (MTU size, etc.) you can configure your own ADSL router to work with Telstra.

              Haven't been with them for a while so what I'm about to say is most likely *very* dated. But I don't think Telstra care if you have your own router to use, Telstra just doesn't like it and will often use it as an excuse to escape their own short falls.

              I myself like having VPN configured so that if I suspect Telstra is throttling sites I enabled the VPN to see what happens.

              Never did catch them out for throttling but I certainly got a kick out of making the cue-card reading rep on the other end of the phone sweat, ahahahaha!

                So Telstra technician attended Today and reckons there was an issue in the comms room at my apartment, he replaced the isolator and reckons the cable in my wall was bent too far so replaced with a right angle attachment, I’m now connected at 37mbps again, a little miffed I swapped out my scorpio but it was a process of elimination and unfortunately that was eliminated first, cheers for your help anyway.

                Which VPN do you use? Is it slow? I am stuck on getting VPN and read a lot of user reviews on VPNMentor website, also they offer bunch of coupons, so I can't decide on which one to subscribe.

                Good problem shooting though, Oh i get it, Wisehacker.. That's a fitting name lol, Most wise indeed :)

                  Hehehe. It's actually short for Wisecracking Hacker.

                  But I have survived PhD at university so the meaning does fit at times.

    comment deleted and posted in reply above

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    Not sure where else to post this, so I'll put it here.

    Is anyone else having issues viewing Kotaku in Chrome on Android phones? The site loads ok, I can navigate to an article, but the back button on the phone doesn't seem to work - the only way back to the front page is via the link at the top left of the page.

    I assume this is an issue with the site since the back button works fine on every other site. I first noticed the problem maybe a week ago.

      I just mucked about on my phone for a few minutes and couldn't replicate your problem.

      Would you mind sending something through the contact page including what phone you're using and what browser version you're on? Just use the "I have a different reason" drop-down option.

    Hey Adam, I just sent a claim to the ACCC inregards to how PlayStation support has handled my request for a refund for a game i brought digitally that doesn't work, Their refund policy & terms of service send mixed messages to consumers, They referred me to the game's publisher, They abused me & my mother on the phone, I'm worried that my PlayStation account will be banned, I imagine that itself would be a huge violation of my rights as a consumer but that doesn't give me piece of mind. What's your opinion? I would appreciate it. Thanks.

      The publisher was abusive, or was Playstation Support abusive?

      According to this article from last year (which in turn refers to the Playstation Store FAQ), you're entitled to a refund if the game you've downloaded is faulty.

      You should also never be subject to abuse by customer service.

      Good luck raising this issue with the ACCC. I don't think there is any reason to worry about your PSN account being banned for requesting a refund unless there are extraordinary circumstances you haven't mentioned in your comment.

        Thank you for the link. It's appreciated. No there's no reasons or circumstances for anything to risk my account being banned other than my claim with the ACCC but i now feel better about that not triggering a banning of my account, I've been nothing but cordial when dealing with PlayStation support, It's been a very frustration situation, I now see why most ppl don't bother with PlayStation support as it truly is a hassle & stressful situation. Thanks for your reply .

        Wow that link & reading everyones comments in the article was very helpful, Thanks again.

    This is more for the Linux/Unix-like buff in here.

    I've been thinking about trying my hand at compiling a custom kernel and maybe rolling my down distribution.

    At this point, what my end goal is doesn't matter - this is more for self learning.

    The question is, does custom kernels have any significance anymore?

    I remember back in the day (especially with Gentoo) the main advantage was improving performance and reducing bloat.

    Is there any benefit anymore? Just asking in case a generic kernel has come a lot further since back in the day.

      A custom kernel is something I'd really like to try as a learning experience, too... I remember installing an Arch system a few years ago, and it was a great insight into how Linux is put together, but I also remember maintaining it being a nightmare :P

      From what I've read, the general performance gains from a custom kernel aren't all that noticeable, but the difference in boot time can be pretty significant. Plus, the reduced bloat means a smaller attack surface, so the kernel is usually a bit more secure... But as I said, I haven't customised a kernel myself... yet.

      I bounced this off my Linux guru husband who started off on slackware and has been employed in various linux systems ever since really and he says " It depends on what you're deploying to. If you're deploying to a moderately well specced modernish system there isn't really much point unless you want to tightly optimise for some specific purpose. If you're deploying to a far more restricted environment then there is a lot to be said for a custom kernel. This is doubly true if you're planning on deploying to an embedded environment. As a learning experience it is second to none. Good luck!"

      He used to build custom kernels all the time before he moved the server here.

      @os42 and @leece.

      First, thanks for the feedback. In truth, I had come the same conclusion but asked anyway to see if there was any angle I had missed.

      So unless I wanna give myself a challenge and compile my own personal kernel for something small, say a Raspberry Pi, the reward does not warrant the effort.

      But I am still thinking of rolling my own distribution. Don't get me wrong, the open source operating systems have a lot going for them. But my own personal peeve is how how so many variations of the one type of software can be installed.

      I know it's a case of "do as one pleases" when developing software but having so many versions of a compiler and library pisses me off because that is taking up disk space.

      Anyhow, thanks for the feedback. Come the new year, I might still try the distro idea and come back to the kernel later.

        I know I am late to the game but these days there isn't too much point as hardware is so powerful. That said I do run a customer kernel on my NAS running debisn but it is also a lowly Intel atom and running 2 raid cards. As for pi, there are already some very good kernels out for them so unless your doing something obscure or trying to run some unsupported hardware there isn't from a performance view much point. But from am educational view, go for it. It helps to learn the nitty gritty of it and with a lot of bootloaders supporting multiple kernels you can still revert to the standard one if you break something.

    Well just figured I would drop in and share a Tiglet tale. I have been telling Tiglet once upon a time stories for a while now but she has been adding parts to my stories. Sometime she would tell me one herself. They were rather cute.
    Once upon a time there was a beautiful and clever owl. His name was Hoot. One day he went out of the tree but Hootabelle stayed in the tree. And that's the end of the story.

    But now she has started to tell me longer ones and the one she told me last night was great. It was a mash up of Frozen and PJ masks.
    Once upon a time there was a beautiful and clever girl. Her name was Elsa. One day she was working in the town when Romeo came in his lab. Oh no she said and Romeo turned her into Owlette. She was all red and she did Super owl wing wind and blew Romeo away.
    The Kristoff and Sven came. and they are friends and Sven has horns which is why they are friends. The Came and said "hello Owlette" but she said I'm not Owlette I'm Elsa.
    Suddenly Sven had a really good idea. He used his horns to smash all the red of her and make her white so she was Elsa again.
    Thanks you Sven she said.
    And that's the end of the story

    I finally, after about 20 years, finished Final Fantasy VII. I've always got to the crater and then spent so much time leveling Materia to fight the Weapons that I got sick of the game. This time I stuck with it (3x speed took some of the pressure off) and actually did it. Weird ending. I'm hoping the remake gets the message accross more clearly.

    With the primative CG I couldn't really tell the specifics of what was happening. Meteor was coming down on Midgar, then Holy fought it, then the Lifestream helped and managed to stop Meteor. I thought the Lifestream got a boost from everyone who just died in Midgar, but after the post credit scene I saw that Midgar wasn't obliterated like it showed.
    I know that Midgar wasn't destroyed, people probably survived, and 500 years later the Earth took back Midgar. There was just a huge difference between the CG and the world.

      Spoiler for ending of 20 year old game: Aerith sacrificed herself deliberately in order to awaken the lifestream so that it could stop Meteor, via the use of her Holy materia which only she could use as the last of the ancients. Sephiroth/Jenova was holding this back from happening (and also this is why he killed her - to try and stop her using Holy, but it was too late) because he wanted Meteor to crush the planet and release the lifestream so he could absorb it and become a god, and that's why you needed to go into the heart of the crater and fuck his shit up. Once he was eliminated there was nothing stopping the planet from unleashing the lifestream to stop Meteor.

      Basically Aerith turns into a force ghost, Obi-wan style. She turns up again in the Advent Children film in a similar sort of capacity (it's unclear whether she actually somehow retains consciousness or is actually the planet itself talking to Cloud though). In that film there were lingering parts of Sephiroth/Jenova (FF7 doesn't make it clear if Sephiroth was simply a manifestation of Jenova's will or if Sephiroth took Jenova's power and twisted it to his insane ends but AC strongly favors the former) such as the remainder of the SOLDIER program, the trio of nutbars and bits and pieces of Jenova itself essentially try and manifest a new Sephiroth to take over everyone that had been affected by the unleashing of the Lifestream to stop Meteor.

      The idea with the 500 years later bit I believe is that eventually the people stopped harvesting the lifestream into materia, shut down the reactors and abandoned Midgar to be reclaimed by nature. Actually the disturbing thing there is that Red XIII / Nanaki has kids despite being the last of his race, which combined with events toward the start of the game suggests he got it on with a human girl at some point that presumably subsequently gave birth to a litter of weird cat-dog-things with flaming tails. Thinking about the how and why of this will take your brain to some very... interesting... places. Don't google it. Rule 34.

        They retconned it so there was a female in Before Crisis but it's still weird.

    I hope that KotakAU will have a piece up tomorrow on the passing of the Marriage Amendment (Definition and Religious Freedoms) Bill 2017, it's a tremendous moment in our history.

    In the meantime though, it's a relief that we got here.

      It's pretty great that it passed!
      I still don't get the whole "religious freedoms" thing tough.
      People already have that. You're free to believe what you want to. Making a law allowing people to then force those beliefs on others by denying services is not freedom at all. It's basically a licence to be a cunt based on your personal belief in a spiritual entity.

        "Religious freedom" was a politically correct was for far-right zealots to try and legislate discrimination. That's all it was. Eventually, during the lower house debate on the bill, someone called them on that.

          Yeah I'm glad it got shut down, but it still shits me when I hear people use that term for situations like that.

        Licence to be a c-word? Huh, they have neither the warmth, or the depth.

    Trying to get my wife into campaign style or rpg style board games. Any recommendations on something not overly long power game session? Something about an hour per game? Hard to play anything longer with a young baby.

      Good place to start would probably be something like good ol Hero Quest. It's complex enough to hold interest, yet not so much so that it would become overwhelming. It can also be played in an hour or two depending on the campaign and how many players you have.
      It's a good kind of intro to RPG style board games I reckon.

        Went to the local game shop and they recommended Imperial Assault or Descent. Not sure what people thought because they were two of the most expensive games in the whole shop? And that's before all the expansion sets...

          Try Above and Below, or even Near and Far. These are my go-to rpg style boardgames these days. Near and Far even has different styles of play to lengthen and shorten style of play from ticky box arcade style cross off the missions to huge sprawling character driven epics.

          Descent is a bad idea, that game is enormous and takes many hours.

          You could try one of the D&D Adventure System board games:

          - Castle Ravenloft
          - Wrath of Ashardalon
          - Legend of Drizzt
          - Temple of Elemental Evil
          - Tomb of Annihilation

          They're all basically the same style of game. Up to 5 players. Each player takes control of a D&D character, and you're doing a simple dungeon exploration. When you move to the edge of a tile, you reveal a new tile at random from the pile. That tile will have monsters, treasures events etc, and basically each player is responsible for controlling the monsters they revealed (they move and attack according to fixed behavior, eg charge the nearest adventurer or attack the adventurer with the lowest HP or whatever).

          Everything is done with a d20 and a sort of stripped down version of 4e D&D. You're generally working together to complete a scenario (find a relic, kill a boss monster etc). You gain XP during gameplay and can level up, so it's very much a stripped down D&D game.

          The games are all on the same system so can be integrated with each other (though thematically they're not all related - Drizzt, Temple of Elemental Evil and Tomb of Annihilation are Forgotten Realms based, where the other two are based in Ravenloft and 4e's generic setting respectively) and you should be able to use the minis and stuff for actual pen & paper RPGs if you move that far.

          Games are about 60 mins long.

            Sounds interesting. Would it be too hard in your opinion for a girl who is really more of a gateway gamer? Would i be driving the gameplay?

              I've only got Legend of Drizzt and only played twice - my gaming group at the time was after something more meaty (we regularly played Super Dungeon Explore which is a more advanced and complicated minature-based dungeon crawler)

              From what I recall it's very simple. It has a bit to keep track of but you basically have your turn, move a number of squares, do an attack (d20 + attack number > defense number, fixed damage IIRC) or explore or trigger an event. Monsters work the same. It's simple and streamlined. Have a look at the BGG site I linked - the manufacturer recommends age 12+ but the community says 10+ i.e. it skews younger, and the game is medium complexity.

              WoTC have a video explaining how to play the game (this is for Legend of Drizzt) here:

          The Pathfinder Adventures card game is also quite good if you have a regular group, though it's kind of a situation where you'll play it through once in a big campaign and not really touch it again. It's not quite a 'Legacy' game but it's close (you build out a character and customize your deck with new cards etc. as you progress through each adventure in the campaign). It's basically card-based with a lot of dice rolling (lots of different types of dice - helps if you have a few extra sets of RPG dice i.e. d4,d6,d8,d10,d12,d20) and it's a little pricey though you don't have to buy expansions straight away. If it was just two players I'd suggest each playing two characters though. It's 1-4 players base (5-6 with the extra characters expansion) and best IMO with 3-4.

      It's not a board game but the Arkham Horror LCG is pretty cool if she likes the whole Lovecraft thing. It works a lot like a board game. It's a few hours for a session depending on the scenario, but you can walk away really easily as long as you're able to leave it set up. It's all co-op and you're expected to die/fail a lot.
      You chose your characters and then work together investigate a mystery. The two story decks progress the scenario along and shape the way the campaign progresses. You can play one off scenarios as well as campaigns that track your actions and let you build stronger decks using experience (spoiler, you're probably die before they get too strong, but that's ok). The scenarios are best won using non-combat skills to investigate before things go bad rather than fighting, but brawling does have it's place.

      It's pretty easy to take a photo of the table as a save point.

        It also has a nice difficulty mode that simply changes how likely you are to succeed. It should speed the game up playing on easy. Less retrying and less pressure to get buffs out.

    Nicehash getting hacked meant I finally had to learn how to mine properly. Need to give my GPU something to do while I'm at work.

    Dear staff: the comments on the latest DrDisrespect article is bugged.

      Should be solved now.

        Dear staff: the comments on the PUBG Bad Bra article is a complete garbage fire. :(

          They were a lot worse. On the plus side, that was a genuinely good article.

    Been getting into Destiny 2 a bit on my last break and this one and saw a KotakuAU clan member out and about so jumped in to ask for an invite, was a bit disappointed that there doesn't seem to be a default clan chat like in MMOs though.

    Hopefully catch some of you around in there if you're still playing!

      Hey! I've not been in the last few days (been evacuating people from the Thargoid-damaged bases in Elite:Dangerous...) but if you see me in there say hi. The ingame chat is a bit flaky, we tend to be in a PSN party chat so feel free to friend me and join our chat.

      Name same as here (minus the CMDR)

        Ohh I probably should have clarified that I’m on the PC as well, oops :-P

        It’ll be a while before I’m back on anyhow, back to work.

          Aha. I may get it on PC if it's reeeeeeeally cheap at some point. But maybe not. Pile of shame and all that.

            I had a moment of weakness when I saw it on Black Friday sales, i really enjoyed what little I played of vanilla Destiny but I lost momentum of it when I moved and never got back to it once I was sorted.

    Arrgh, aircon is broken and its going to be 42C today.

    Bloody aircon place is saying it will be friday before the parts are in, and that it probably won't be repaired before Xmas.

    I hate renting.

    I was meant to be here for a week while Alex was forced to take some annual leave.

    That was a few weeks ago and I'm still writing for Kotaku. That ends today! Rejoice!

    I'll come back eventually. Freelancing is fun like that.

      I thought I’d just missed your “I’m starting” Post, didn’t realise you were temporary.

      I’ve liked your work, hope you come back.

    Layers of Fear is free with the humble bundle, looks like fun, too bad I'm a chicken.

    Happy "OMG Christmas is on MONDAY" Week. I will probably still be shopping at 10pm tonight.

    I would like to see more follow up articles. We had heaps on musk and his S.A. power bank when it was being built. Yesterday LoyYang power station went down and musk's batteries got a real world test. The performed not only correctly but set some records for time to come online and take load.

    So, less than a month until Monster Hunter World releases.
    Made myself promise to beat MH3 Ultimate on Wii U before I pick it up...
    Ho boy... this'll be a slog.

    Dunno if anyone's interested or not, but I was recently asked to guest on a podcast called PuttinInWork run by Jono Pech, to talk about my 3d printing. If you'd like to listen in, you can find it here!

    Did i miss Mitch Fifield's response to our video game inquiry? We're at December 30 and I'm getting that familiar sinking feeling.

      The APH website has marked it as "tabled"

      Which i assume means "I'll respond with a non comittal answer later when no one is paying attention whilst I focus on more important issues like ummm.... making the FTTN boxes look prettier or something like that" XD

    Just wanted to wish everyone a happy and safe New Years and a big shoutout to they young man who served me on Xmas eve at JB at Werribee I think his name was Dwayne or something like that. I got a new st of Astro A10 for my son and he did them at $70 instead of 99 because I was short on cash so thank you

    Utterly unrelated and random... is there any reason all my edits require moderation now? =/

    It's kinda annoying when I do typo checks and/or fix my posts to add ideas I forgot to write down XD

    Well hey, maybe the next 365 days won't be so fraught with tumult?

    Happy New Year everybody; wishing the best to all you pleasant strangers.

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