Tell Us Dammit: Where Did You Get Your Name?

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Online handles have been for almost as long as the internet has been a thing. Some people flit between nicknames while others end up stuck with one for a long, long time. There's usually a story behind the name, what's yours?

I've been using TrjnRabbit (and variants thereof) online for over a decade. It's reached the point where many of my friends, and even my wife, call me "Bun" which is the current stop on the wandering path of nicknames.

For those wondering, the evolution was "Rabbit" to "Bunny" to "Bun Bun" to "Bun".

My in-laws think it's a pet name. That amuses me.

Anyhow, TrjnRabbit as a name comes from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I wanted to sign up for some service or another under the name Trojan Rabbit but it was taken. One of the few automatically generated alternatives was TrjnRabbit and I liked the potential confusion a lack of vowels in 'Trojan' could cause.

In the years since, it has caused a lot of confusion.

Anyhow, that's my terribly boring little tale of why I call myself TrjnRabbit. Now it's your turn.


    Mine is basically just the tag I used to spray around as graffiti as a kid. And also as not so much a kid...cos I found the idea of writing Jizm everywhere amusing at the time. The I dropped out because the tag looked better without the vowel. Not very exciting really...

    It's in my avatar but not sure how many people here would be old enough to remember The Sooty Show.

      Well there's at least one of us that remembers Sooty and Sweep. Oh. And i still sing "the song that never ends" if I'm trying to annoy someone.

      I remember. Matthew Corbett has since sold ownership to Richard Cadell but it's actually still going.

    Stagyika. I got mine when I first moved to the United States from Tanzania where I grew up. It's a portmanteau of Tanzania's original name before it's union with Zanzibar, and my favourite TV show of my youth.

    Stargate + Tanganyika = Stagyika.

    Way back in the N64 days I joined my very first forum. It was a Donkey Kong 64 forum, and I needed to choose a username. The moderator there was called "Klobber" which is a Donkey Kong enemy character, and the guy was really popular. I wanted to be like that guy, so I decided that I'd choose a username that was similar and was also a Donkey Kong character, Kritter. The rest is history.

    Mine has changed, or evolved over the years, ever since the first game i played online with people, Kings of Chaos.

    Around 2009 (?) I needed a handle for kotaku, twitter, instagram...

    I like the game and it also me.


    Started off as Enix in the early CS days, when Team Fortress came out it turned to Dr Enix, then I slammed them together and Drenix it was.

    A Jackablade is slang word for a pickpocket in the Looking Glass/Ion Storm Thief games. It's also a name that's very rarely taken, so I've stuck with it for almost 20 years.

    I loved playing RPGs, I loved playing wizards/mages in RPG = Wizz
    I think the little puffball "Fizzgig" is the best character in The Dark Crystal = Fizz

    Wizz-Fizz :o)

    I used to go by ctrlSaltdelete because I had a rubbish laptop and my last name is Salt, but as 'Salty' came to imply a bad attitude I switched to Various Horses. It was the name of my favourite song on the album my band released at the time and I never bothered to change it since.

    Mine was because of a chair in a classroom at my highschool that had been drawn on with a sharpie, but they'd drawn in a checkerboard pattern on the crosshatch grooves. Hence Checkerchairs. Sadly that chair had a tendency to disappear, I always got disappointed when I couldn't find it. It was always on the top floor, somewhere, but vanished for weeks at a time.

    True geekness here - mine is from an old campaign of D&D - it means "of the blood of darkness". I don't have the heart to tell most people - so I tell them it's from an old Celtic language instead.

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    I used to ho by JJ2000 or some shit.

    Anyway, I was in hospital for 6 weeks with a blood virus, having my body pumped with antibiotics every half hour... Fun.... I was 14 or 15 at the time I think. Maybe a bit younger. I also have a heart condition, so hospitals where not new to me, but I was board shitless most of the time.

    Lucky for me, mum had a friend whose husband was a gamer too, and I ended up being able to borrow his N64 why I was there. And, along with Mario Karts and a few other games, Zelda: Ocarina Of Time. So, when it came time to pick my name, I decided to try and make one up that sounded like it would fit in to the Zelda-vers. And so Jagji (pronounced Jag G)was what I came up with. I have been using veryations of the name online since, but whats most amazing, is that if you google my 'made up' name, you get a guy by the name of Jagjit Singh, who apparently was a iconic musician in India. Also, I am still yet to finish LoZ:OT.

    I use Skratchynuts mostly, sometimes Skratch or Skratchy. I chose it years ago because who the hell would call themselves Skratchynuts?

    I was a mad fan of the band Lemonheads (still am). Their first album was through Tanng records....20 years later I'm still rocking that name, and seeing them play (Well it's pretty much one member left now ;p).

    I made my own gamertag/name after playing a lot of Starcraft in my teens.

    I loved the Battleships and Commander had a good ring to it and so it came to be.

    Vapor was the name I used on a Pokémon message board waaaay back when (Like, Gold and Silver hadn't even come out yet), and was literally the first part of Vaporeon. Can not remember for the life of me why I started using it on Kotaku instead of the normal name I use everywhere else...

    When I was a wee lad, I quite enjoyed Swat Katz... not the best story, and haven't been able to come up with a name I like in the near 20 years since.

    John Stalvern comes from the best Doom story, Doom: Repercussions of Evil and boy, do I love Doom/Doomguy.

    My handle is telstratouchfone. Always get weird looks and questions about it, people think I'm advertising.

    It harks back to the days where Hotmail expired if you didn't log in enough. Mine had expired and I needed a new email, and couldn't think of anything. Look around for inspiration and lo and behold on the desk in front of me is...

    A Telstra Touchfone.

    The rest, as they say, is history.

    Pookie .. After the valiant but vain attempt by a teddy bear to rob the Vatican

    Needed a gamertag in the late 90's. At the time I was reading a book called The Coffin Dancer, sequel to The Bone Collector (which was also a surprisingly good movie!). The character was a badass assassin, and I liked the name... but it was taken. So, I did what any self-respecting 12 year old would do and removed all the vowels - the rest is history.

    I briefly went by The_Jesus for a while after watching The Big Lebowski, but that was pretty much just so I could yell 'NOBODY FUCKS WITH THE JESUS'.

    When I was in my early teens I was big into D and D. I rolled a character who ended up being the main protagonist in a never completed fantasy tale that I started writing. His name was Vashkur. That was almost 30yrs ago. Every Game Character that I could name in games both offline or online has had that Moniker. Whilst he never got to have that epic "hero's journey" I'd originally planned for him, He's done a lot of other cool things over the years.

    Drinking whisky, eating fried chicken while speaking in a US southern accent.

    Bookie was a childhood family nickname (I think because I used to read a lot), and later my brothers and I started a band called the Brothers Gnu, so I was (and am) Bookie Gnu.

    I first used Pyronius as a name in Ultima Online when I was 14, twenty years ago now. Originally, I used 'Pyronius Darkhan', which I felt was a sufficiently fantasy-sounding name, but over the years I used many variants - Pyronius Alpha, Pyronius Omega, Pyronius Rex. I eventually used the name in a fantasy novel I wrote, which wasn't very good and has since been removed from publication. ;P I finally settled into ThePoetPyronius maybe 10 years ago, after a stint of writing and reading poetry at open mic nights, but I also like the overtones of 'Apocalypse Now' in it. :)

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