Tell Us Dammit: Where Did You Get Your Name?

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Online handles have been for almost as long as the internet has been a thing. Some people flit between nicknames while others end up stuck with one for a long, long time. There's usually a story behind the name, what's yours?

I've been using TrjnRabbit (and variants thereof) online for over a decade. It's reached the point where many of my friends, and even my wife, call me "Bun" which is the current stop on the wandering path of nicknames.

For those wondering, the evolution was "Rabbit" to "Bunny" to "Bun Bun" to "Bun".

My in-laws think it's a pet name. That amuses me.

Anyhow, TrjnRabbit as a name comes from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I wanted to sign up for some service or another under the name Trojan Rabbit but it was taken. One of the few automatically generated alternatives was TrjnRabbit and I liked the potential confusion a lack of vowels in 'Trojan' could cause.

In the years since, it has caused a lot of confusion.

Anyhow, that's my terribly boring little tale of why I call myself TrjnRabbit. Now it's your turn.


    I used to go by CaptWinky ala Ace Ventura (my first name is Richard).

    I changed it many, many years ago to the above with 'help' from a mate that may have been taking the mickey i.e. Sainte is the French feminine equivalent of Saint lol. Sounded good in my teen years.

    I usually play female characters in games, so he may have been onto something. I'm a bit of a night owl as well, Jericho is also known as the City of the Moon. So kind of fitting really. Used it for over 15 years now and hadn't really thought to much on it till this article.

    Daria ... though they spell it Morgendorffer (which I realised after I started using it).

    So I generally go by two names or variations of them. In the end, they both kind of ended up being my first and last name. The first is Jeuly. This came from me getting a Club Penguin account when I finally met the internet and had horrible spelling (not that it's improved much now). I was a big fan of the tv show Ben 10 and wanted to identify myself as someone related to that. I had a similar hair cut to his girlfriend, Julie, and thought it'd be a good name. Turned out that Julie isn't spelt with a 'eu' or even a 'y'. But it was a unique name, not one that was often taken and it just...stuck. The second name is Dragonthoth. This one's very simple; I needed a bigger online name not long after the Julie incident and used a name generator this time. They asked me for my favourite fictional being (dragons) and my favourite mythical character. Since mythology has always been fascinating to me, upon seeing the Ancient Egyptian god Thoth, I knew it that was it. Also, he's the god of wisdom, thought to have taught writing to humans. I love writing and am an aspiring writer so...match made in Ma'at? Now, more often I go by the name Jules, a nickname given by one of my brother's friends.

    When I started an old job there was already a luke there so of course the guys there had to give me a nickname.
    My last name starts with Chi so for some reason Chachi was born. I hung out a lot with those guys outta work at the time and those friends would call me that in front of other mated and now I pretty much get called that all the time. Even by the missus which is pretty damn strange tbh.

    Prepare to die of laughter. This is a sad tale.
    I used to own a Dreamcast (not that bit). At one point I needed a handle for the DC telstra chat and having nothing amazing in mind I decided on my name with rockstheworld after it. Because I have no reason or excuse you may laugh now. Unfortunatly I hit the confirm button and I had not fully entered my handle (don't know if it would have fit anyway).
    I now had glennroc, which meant nothing. In fact it was stupid, but I had chat access, online gaming and dial up 56k internet on console, plus all the 40 year old men pretending to be girls trying to "cyber" me. Who could possibly want more? So I didn't care and used it to play games too.
    After the DC support died off I still played it but had an original Xbox, I wasn't bothered with gaming online so much. When I jumped back into online console gaming with the Xbox360 I wanted a new name, something to strike terror into the hearts of my enemies. I had nada, could think of nothing. So while on a map selection page that night (yes it was late, no I don't take ilicit drugs) right there on my pc monitor I saw 'random'. "Ha!" I said. It seemed apt seeing as every idiot in my town was saying it to me if I replied to something and they didn't understand and assumed a subject change in my response (because humanity is no longer evolving quickly enough... #hashtag is the newer proof of this).

    So it became RandomGlenn253.
    Why the 253? Well mostly because I had a holden engine named that, but also because I wanted to see how often I would be asked if there was 252 RandomGlenns already in use.
    There was not. I was asked often.
    So the Random thing was sort of cool. I had made friends out of it and eventually a small clan who all took the prefix of "Random". None of them asked they just liked that I wasn't shouty or racist and had an aversion to arguements.
    At first I thought it meant something to them, the handle was never important to them though.
    I was.
    We still talk on facebook.

    For years, I used "Mao" which is a common shortening for a common name where I came from. I remember I used it in the very first game that asked me to enter a name, LtoZ:ALttP, then after I beat that game, I kept using it in every game and online, because I felt as though "Mao" had already world-saving cache.

    After moving to Australia, where my name is no common at all, and everybody thought that "Mao" was a reference to Chinese communism, I decided to change my handle. I was at the time reading The Regress of the Pilgrim, a very obscure book (not to be confused with The Progress of the Pilgrim) by CS Lewis of Narnia fame, which was very relevant for me back then. Obviously, "Pilgrim" is a common enough word that it was always going to be unavailable anywhere, so I chose to insert a random Y, just for uniqueness.

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