The First Trailer For Alita Battle Angel Is Filled With Cyborg Action And Giant Eyes

For years, James Cameron has been struggling to bring Alita: Battle Angel to life. And today, the first trailer for the manga-turned-big-budget adventure is finally here.

Image: Fox

And it looks just like the manga come to life, right down to the creepy, giant eyes.

Directed by Robert Rodriguez, Alita: Battle Angel starts Rosa Salazar at Alita, a cyborg found in a junkyard by a scientist played by Christoph Waltz. Alita isn't mere junk, though, she's a trained assassin of the highest degree, and she'll have to battle to find out where she came from and what her purpose is. Here's the trailer.

I can already smell the hot takes coming about Alita's look. It's very unsettling, to say the least. especially when she's up against human characters. But, I think, once the action starts ramping up and we get all these other crazy cyborgs, it's a more understandable balance of robot and human. Or at least I hope. This is only 90 seconds seven months from release.

Co-starring Jennifer Connelly, Mahershala Ali, Jackie Earle Haley and Michelle Rodriguez, and produced by Cameron, Alita opens 19 July 2018.



    This actually looks REALLY nice. And after looking up the Manga (never seen it) to compare, Alita looks dead on, even if it dose look a bit wired at first. I am keen on this, as JC is pretty solid.

    I feel like the rest of the movie should've been CGI

    I like that she looks weird compared to a human. This looks like it could be awesome so fingers crossed for me.

    When robotics/cybernetics becomes this advanced in real life. If ever. Prepare to be always wierded out by it, but the young of that generation won't be. Just like how the young today can't imagine a world without smart phones and social media.

    Last edited 09/12/17 2:14 pm

      You should see the weird looks when people ask for your mobile number and you say you don't have one

    Ick. I kinda hoped Cameron would have come to his senses on the whole "let's make Alita CG" thing over how ever many years its been since he first started working on this thing.

    Wonder if they will explain the big eyes thing, are they cybernetic somehow? her crying seems to indicate their maybe organic but then again. All over characters have normal eyes, so there must be some back story too it.

    I don't follow the anime so I wouldn't know.

    Actually found the style, tone and delivery very affecting. Only seen the original once, and never read the manga, but in Robert Rodriguez I trust :)

    Geez he's just copying Elysium... ^_-

    I'm feeling more positive about this than I did after seeing the first Ghost in the Shell teaser (And Death Note) but there's still a whole lot that can go wrong. I'm a huge Battle Angel Alita fan so I want this to be a thing given Gunnm was the only movie they made of the manga but I also don't want it to be thoroughly sanitised by Hollywood to the point of losing what made the story so good. The iconic scenes are there, I just hope the story is too.


    I think she looks great, too. She's not human, why should she look like one?

    Ok her eyes just creeped me out and distracted the entire trailer

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