The Internet Reacts To Amazon’s Australian Launch

The Internet Reacts To Amazon’s Australian Launch
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Amazon finally started selling on its Australian site this morning in what turned out to be a rather underwhelming launch. Australians expected a new world of online shopping at its fingertips, and all we got was the same old stuff often at the same price or even more expensive than existing Aussie stores. Here are some of the best reactions to Amazon Australia’s launch.

Many Twitterers were disappointed in the lack of a few key products Australia is in need of.

Though there were some exceptions:

Some people found some ridiculously priced products.

A lot of people are imagining Australia’s retail giants celebrating what Amazon Australia actually turned out to be.

Overall, Aussies are just not happy, Jan.

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  • Oh sure Amazon Australia…. Give us the exact same or more expensive but we’ll buy from you instead because you’re Amazon.

  • This is pretty well how every international Amazon launch has gone. There’s particular items, that will be very popular this time of year, make up, kids toys, video games that are very cheap, and the rest normally gets there over time.

  • As usual, over the top internet ‘outrage’ reins supreme.
    The retailer has been open a couple of days so why not immediately write it off using stupid, hyperbolic language.

    • Yep, open for a day, but the hype for said retailer has been years in the making. Also isn’t the normal gameplan for the industry giant to start by undercutting everyone else and then raising the prices?

    • I don’t think is really over the top or outrage. These people are just mocking the state of Amazon AU. You’re looking for something that’s not there.

  • Isn’t the problem here that Amazon themselves are selling almost nothing?
    And instead, it’s just the marketplace with the same people/businesses as usual scalping Aussies?

    • So in the space of one day we’ve gone from Myer, JB Harvey Norman, etc shitting themselves to pretty much nobody except maybe Gumtree shitting themselves.

  • It’s literally day 2. Everyone needs to chill.

    People are so self-entitled, it’s ridiculous. If it’s still like this 6 months from now, maybe you’ve got a case.

    • I do not understand this argument.

      Why is it appropriate to launch with a shithouse service? Why not wait until your service isn’t pure crap? Would you give a new car company a break for not including ABS or power steering because, “Hey, it’s our first car (in this region)?”
      They waited this long, and it’s not like they’re ‘leaving money on the table’.

      And why excuse Amazon being crap, anyway?

      If it’s crap, it’s crap, and should be called out as such, just in case any consumers aren’t aware of how crap it is and are instead foooled into shitty purchases on the strength of the brand’s reputation alone.

      • I kind of agree, but it’s also worth noting that it is still early days and seems mostly to be offering from third parties selling through Amazon. That said, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s far from the overhyped saviour promised by tech sites in the leadup to it opening – and anybody who was expecting US-style pricing was clearly deluded. Shit costs more here, Amazon won’t suddenly change that dramatically overnight.

        We absolutely should note that right now there’s very little worth buying and much of it is more expensive than other stores. But I think Australians have gotten savvy enough with online shopping that most won’t fall for this kind of ridiculous launch.

      • Why is it ‘pure crap’ though? I mean, admittedly I haven’t looked extensively at their inventory and have only looked at gaming related products, but what is so crap about it? I’m genuinely asking as I must be missing something. The prices I have seen are pretty consistent with the rest of the market. There are some glaring exceptions which are obviously not good and I imaging will be adjusted, but launching in a new market like this is no cakewalk and I don’t think it’s too bad on the whole. The reality is that we now have another competitor and in time I think Amazon will indeed have an impact on the Australian retail market – I’m just not foolish enough (no disrespect meant) to think it will happen overnight.

        Your comparison to a car is disingenuous. ABS brakes and power steering in a model of car cannot be added over time – improvements to a web-based service can.

        Amazon, nor any other new player in a given market, have an obligation to the market to be 100% perfect from the get go. They must fix immediate problems and rightfully earn their place in the market and consumers’ dollars. There are teething problems with the implementation of anything new, let alone a large scale operation such as Amazon’s entry into the Australian market.

        I present the argument of entitlement as what I am reading around the internet is that it currently doesn’t have all the products people wanted and isn’t cheap enough for them. Products will be added in time as they strengthen their local and international partnerships in the region and updated inventory listings and pricing will become more aggressive as they get a firmer foothold.

        I have never bought anything from Amazon so I’m not some crazed apologist hopeful fanboy. I simply recognise the inevitable hurdles and issues with a large scale launch such as this and won’t be trashing them on the first day.

        • I haven’t bought from them before but I thought I would have a look. Out of the 3 items only 1 was cheaper and not buy much.

    • It’s not entitlement to check their prices, laugh at them for being more expensive when they claimed to be cheaper and then go shop elsewhere.

      The twitter summary is literally just people taking the piss out of Amazon and you call it entitlement…

  • I’ve been getting some insanely good deals from eBay the last few months. I don’t know if it’s been in preparation for amazon or not but frankly they’ve won me over. I’ve got no interest in checking out amazon.

  • It raises a question though, does Amazon actually need to be good? A big part of it’s ‘success’ is that it didn’t turn a profit for a decade and a half. It still doesn’t make much and loses as often as it makes. Unless they decide the region isn’t worth the effort they’re here to stay. They don’t need to win you over they just need to wait you out.

  • It’s being reported as disappointing across the media, not just here.
    Amazon had months to make this good, but it’s not. It’s a fail. And it will hurt their influence on our market.
    Looking at it was a shitty and frustrating waste of time.

    • They’re at parity with the market most of the time, without the variable shipping of competitors. It’s the media that’s been overhyping this for the last few months, I kept myself stuck in reality knowing low prices will take time and come with market share, just like everyone else.

  • I dunno… Amazon has the cheapest “non-sale” price for the Switch, which instantly cascaded into many other outlets offering their best deals yet and I finally got mine. So for me, Amazon has been a positive (even if I haven’t bought anything from them yet).

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