The Metal Gear Character People Think They Have Found In The Death Stranding Trailer

Yesterday, Hideo Kojima showed off the latest Death Stranding trailer. Kojima, as he likes to do, is teasing about "some clue" he's left. Fans think they have found one: Psycho Mantis.

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A Long Look At Death Stranding, Which Is Still Weird As Hell

Tonight we got an extended look at Hideo Kojima's next big project, Death Stranding. It appears that Reedus' character has crash landed somewhere dangerous , where invisible creatures roam the land. The whole thing gives off a horror game vibe, so maybe we don't have to be sad about never getting that Silent Hills collaboration anymore.

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The character first appeared in Metal Gear Solid, using his psychic power to remind minds and players' memory cards.

And fans think they can see the character in the new Death Stranding trailer:

Of course, Kojima doesn't make Metal Gear games any more and does not own the character Psycho Mantis (Konami does), so this probably isn't actually Psycho Mantis. But considering how the character was previously used to break the fourth wall, maybe it's a nod to Kojima's previous work? Or maybe it's just another time Kojima has gotten in fans' heads?


    Seriously? I doubt this very much.
    Konami would be in charge of/own all of Metal Gears' assets. Kojima can't all of a sudden steal a character whether he designed/made it or not. He will get his ass sued if that was the case.

    So we're just going to ignore that the hooded figure in this trailer uses the exact same combination of hand gestures as Mads Mikkelsens' character in the first trailer?

      Is it in the exact same order? Because they are common military hand gestures

        2016 trailer: 2017 trailer: I'd argue their commonality isn't generic because their context within each scene is different.

        I don't necessarily believe they are the same character, but Kojima has an odd reputation for specificity. I also don't think this is relevant to his tweet - there's nothing similar in the original trailer.

        If nothing else, it's a cute similarity.

          Im more coming from a military background where i know a lot of the common hand signals the military use. But hey, Who knows when its kojima :)

    So people are forgetting about the ending where there are 5 figures floating over the giant crater or those same 5 figures floating over the ocean in the first teaser? I'm sure it's not entirely unrelated to Psycho Mantis since creators tend to reuse ideas and concepts but I think this might be a case of people seeing the reality they want to see.

      Surprised someone hasn't theorised a link between the five sentinels and the oil man wearing Miller's glasses from MGSV

      It's a conspiracy AWOOOAAWWOOOO!

    Let's also not ignore the fact that it's Kojima so there are bound to be many more crazy Easter eggs hidden in there.

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