The New Ready Player One Trailer Is Filled With Video Game, Anime And Comic Book Characters

The first Ready Player One preview had a load of cameos and pop culture references, so it's no surprise that the latest one does, too.

The new trailer features Chun-Li and Overwatch's Tracer. There are also other cameos, with characters from games, anime and comics showing up.

Let's have a look!

Expect endless camos and pop culture nods in the final film.


    That's absolutely incredible - I can't believe someone recognised a Battleborn character.

    Seeing Chucky was my highlight. Shame that's probably literally the only time he'll be in the movie.

      Better than poor Freddy in the first trailer. Dude has one jump and BAM... dusted.

    Hopefully there's a good movie in there with all the fan-service.

      That depends on whether or not you consider Family Guy to be good.

        Family Guy is designed to be a fast-paced, animated comedy where everything ends up back where it was at the start of the episode.

        You're comparing apples to oranges.

        Hah! That joke reminds me of the time I did $thing with $character

        *scene changes*

        What does this mean? Have you read the book? It is nothing like family guy at all. I don't even understand how you can compare them or were you just making a lame troll joke when you have no idea about the actual media you are discussing?

          @mic is probably hinting at FG's habit of inserting unrelated characters into scenes just to have recognisable characters on screen (and also frequently subvert their normal behaviour for laughs)

    I'm mostly curious is this legal, unless they have the rights to use the art asset?

      I assume they have the rights for them. Most of the properties I've seen so far are owned by WB who are producing the film so those rights would've been easy to get. The others (like Tracer) probably took a decent amount of money though...

        They probably got most of them for free. Having your characters in a huge big budget Spielberg movie? Same thing with Wreck it Ralph.

          Yeah, especially considering that most of them will just be on screen for a moment, it's not like they're the central characters of the story. I suspect the owners of these characters are probably quite happy to have them included in something like this - it's almost like product placement for IP :P

            Even momentary spot placements come at a cost most of the time, and given how many of them there are, any fee will add up pretty quickly. You're talking hundreds, if not thousands of them.

        They aren't all the same as the book either, i imagine it will just be swapping in who they have rights for.

      I'm wondering the same thing. Theres a metric mountain of pop culture references in this movie, its built around them. So the rights to them must have been a serious pain to organise.

      And its not just seeing Chucky or Battletoads either. There are the cars, all the nightclub references, bossfights from games, buildings, etc etc.

      I'm sure theres a list of all the IP's out there already. If not, someone will make a list, and I'm sure buzzfeed will have a field day for years afterwards. Month 7 will amaze you!

        There's no way they wouldn't get permission for everything specific to an intellectual property. There are plenty of ways you can use other peoples IP however they would not want to waste time arguing and proving their use in legal proceedings. Plus what if they were wrong? No company would take that risk. Films are magnets for legal action.

        It's made by Warner Brothers and Amblin. So there's no shortage of access to IP to use if they can't get permission. There's also no negatives, only positives for IP owners to say yes. Say you own a video game company. You can have your IP in a big Spielberg film or not. Nothing you own will make or break the film, and your competitors may say yes or already have. They aren't losing anything, they ain't risking anything.There is just some exposure and benefit to them. Saying no would be more of a downside. They'd want to be there. They'd just sign a contract to stipulate the extent of the use and to ensure it's not a use that is damaging to the IP.

          Oh definitely. But nobody gives up the usage for free. Given how many references there are, that's a lot of paperwork even if they were. Not saying they haven't done that, just more curious about how complex a process it was.

          There would need to be an agreement with George Miller for example, just to use the V8 interceptor from Mad Max in the car chase scene. That's never going to be an instant freebie, and given how many other references there are, it has to have been a massive undertaking to get everything sorted.

            You're not wrong. Nintendo was very specific about exactly how Bowser was to appear in Wreck-It Ralph, from his height, to his posture sitting in the chair...

            Nah it'd be for free. Or if there's some mandated minimum amount for licencing. There's on a position to ask for anything if you're of significant importance.

            There'd also obviously be some merchandise agreements.

            Ready Player One is produced by companies that produced Mad Max.

      There's no way they haven't gotten permission for everything used. Even if the use was allowed under US copyright law, fair use, satire ect. That's not global and no one wants to deal with arguing that in legal proceedings. It's a lot easier to just get permission or not use something if you don't.

    It's that thing I like! I get the reference! Ugh. It all seems too perfectly engineered to have a soul. No ghost in its shell.. o.O

    Wondering how many people bashing here have actually read the book and understand the implications of pop culture references in the story.
    If you haven't yet, it's worth a couple of afternoons on the couch to read. Anyone between the age of about 20 and 35 will get most of it and it's a pretty easy and cruisey read. Definitely YA fiction, but the pop culture therein will be more appreciated by people over the age of 25 or so.

      I'd never heard of the book when I saw the first trailer.

      Following my inner child completely losing his shit after seeing it, I went straight down to my local bookstore and placed an order! :)

      Really looking forward to this movie. It's going to take several watchings just to take everything in!

        Definitely worth it, comixfan. It's a fun book and I hope you enjoy it!!

      It's it mainly 80s references? People between 20-35 only know 80s pop culture from references to 8-s pop culture. They weren't born or were quite young for the 80s.

      So if that age will get it, it's just the same well worn out 80s cliches and references that have been done to death.

      There's no way they aren't expanding the references to a larger extend than including more modern easter eggs and properties. Sticking to the most iconic references. Everyone knows Back to the Future. Most people when asked to name a John Hughes film wouldn't be able to.

      It's likely the film with touch on the importance of pop culture references, considering they are core to the narrative. But you don't have to read an entire book to understand the hook of some pretty simple world building. Part of the problem is that the central conceit of the book comes across as servile nostal-ego patting and so far that's the only thing I'm seeing communicated through the trailers.

      Some people are going to love the pop-culture references and their usage, others are going to view their implementation as anathema. That's something we have to be okay with.

    What anime characters, didn't notice any mentioned or in the video.

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