There's A New Peak Body For Australian Esports

Image: Kotaku

Executives and members from the legal fraternity, ESL Australia, local gaming teams, and the components industry have banded together to form a new oversight body for esports in Australia.

Called Esports Games Association Australia, the body aims to help further the growth of esports in Australia and New Zealand. The first pathway to doing that is through an esports conference scheduled for next year, while also providing "an avenue for engagement in esports for members with government and business".

Founding members of the board include the owner of Dire Wolves, Guinevere Capital's David Harris, and ESL Australia managing director Nick Vanzetti. Jessep Entertainment & Sports Lawyers' Mathew Jessep will act as the body's interim chief executive.

More information about the board will be released next year, including details about their upcoming conference. It will likely be more of a business-to-business affair than a public facing event, but the inclusion of more institutional support for local esports - especially when it comes to connecting with government and other industries - certainly can't hurt.

More details about the organisation can be found on the official website.


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