There's Finally Movement On The Senate's Games Inquiry

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Last time we checked in on the the Senate inquiry into Australia's video game industry, it had been 411 days without a response from the government. It's now 586 days since the inquiry was tabled and Communications Minister Mitch Fifield has finally acknowledged it.

The Government Didn't Respond To The Video Games Inquiry, And Scott Ludlum Isn't Happy

411 days ago, an upper house inquiry tabled a report to the Federal Government recommending eight things that Australia could do to better support the local games industry - not just for the health of the industry, but for its economic and social benefits to the country.

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Greens Senator Jordon Steele-John has claimed his first victory in politics after taking Scott Ludlam's seat due to the "Citizenship Seven" debacle.

Following up on the tweet with a statement today, Steele-John said that the "Australia’s video games industry had put up with uncertainty from the government for too long, after the inquiry unanimously recommended ongoing investment and support on April 29 last year."

A motion passed in the Senate yesterday asks that the Government table a response to the Senate inquiry by no later than 3:00pm today.

They didn't.

However, Communications Minister Mitch Fifield did send a response stating that "The Government response will be tabled prior to the end of 2017."

Any progress is a win at this point.

Steele-John promises to make a "damning" speech to parliament this afternoon.


    Well damn, Progress was made.

      Makes me think of shawshank when Andy writes his letter a week... one day we’ll get that library damnit!

        Lol, Ah glad i wasn't the only damn one to notice.

    Wonder if he'll get the time to make any kind of speech given the clusterfuck going on right now...

    Is it jsut me or does Mitch Fifield's signature look like someone giving the middle finger?

      Not just you. Immediately thought the same thing. Someone should tell him.

      "Oh, sure! I'll sign your legislation. This is what I think of your legislation..."

      My first thought was a hurriedly drawn cock-n-balls, but a middle finger salute is pretty on the money as well.

    It's now 586 days since the inquiry was tabled and Communications Minister Simon Fifield has finally acknowledged it.

    Mitch Fifield.

    Last time I saw the names John and Steele together was throughout the Prenda copyright troll cases in the US. Good to see someone with those two names doing good for entertainment.

    Meanwhile SA starts it's own initiative and announces $2m in games funding.

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