This Week In Games: An Adorable Robot Vacuum

This Week In Games: An Adorable Robot Vacuum
Image: Rumu

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve established a pretty good pattern with the ‘This Week In Games’ post. I complain that nothing is coming out and post a short list of games and then people in the comment section point out all of the things that I’ve missed.

No complaints this week because Rumu is on its way!

Rumu (PC)

What is it? An adorable game where an robot vacuum tries to do its best while being gaslighted by the home AI.
Should you care? With any luck, Alex and Tegan’s livestream from a few weeks back should’ve piqued your interest. For those that missed the stream, this is a great looking Aussie indie game that looks to hit a sweet spot of interesting puzzles and engaging writing.

Okami HD (PC, PS4, XBO)

What is it? One of the enduring titles of yesteryear, Okami HD is a re-release of one of the best Zelda-like games I’ve seen.
Should you care? You play as a dog that carries around a giant sword. Plus the game is gorgeous and well-designed (albeit a little slow-paced).

News Of Okami HD's 30FPS Lock On PC Has Not Gone Down Well

The issue of games with locked framerates is a touchy one, depending on who you talk to. If the game in question is on PC, well, odds are you're going to get a lot of grief from players who want to get the most from their high-end hardware.

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PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds Game Preview Edition (XBO)

What is it? The incredibly successful early access battle royale game coming to Xbox’s early access equivalent.
Should you care? PUBG (pronounced pub-geh by anyone I can convince to do so) is a great shooter with just enough wonderful chaos. It’s been dominating the PC landscape and now console players have a chance to get their hands on it.

WWE 2k18 (Switch)

What is it? A janky as hell Switch port of WWE’s annual game.
Should you care? I love wrestling but it rarely lends itself to good video games. Former Kotaku contributor David Rayfield’s review is better than the game.

Hello Neighbour (XBO)

What is it? A stealth horror game where you break into your neighbour’s house to find out what dastardly deeds they’re up to while avoiding the traps that they set.
Should you care? Hello Neighbour came out on PC last week and reviews so far aren’t great. It’s a cool idea but the game is half-baked and not ready for a full release.

2064: Read Only Memories (Vita)

What is it? A cyber-punk adventure game where you’re accompanied by a sapient machine called Turing.
Should you care? This wasn’t meant to come out, the Vita version of this game was canned a few months ago. Now it has been un-canned and – if the Vita is still your preferred console for neat indie games – you can buddy up with Turing to go about your futuristic journalistic endeavours.


  • Ooh Rumu! I waited for ages to try that at Pax before I lost all patience queuing and left.

    I just told myself I was intrigued enough that I’d simply buy the full thing when I was out.

  • That’s the lot! Well, it is when you include the other games coming out this week: ^_-
    Gang Beasts (PS4)
    Yooka-Laylee (Switch)
    Romancing SaGa 2 (PS4/Vita/Switch/PC/XBOne)

  • Is Okami as good as I’ve heard? Never got a chance to play it on ps2 but I loved clover studios games. Viewtiful Joe for life!

    • I plated it on wii. Pretty good. Very beautiful and different but a but slow. I never finished it but would love to give it another try.

    • It was my 2006 GOTY 😉 Be warned its a long game. I’ve lovingly referred to it as the ‘Okami Trilogy’ since its release.

  • If Okami HD2 still has the unskippable intro then ill pass again until the PS5 remaster hopefully adds an option to skip it. Otherwise then Ill wait for the PS6 remaster….

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