This Week In Games: Bah Humbug

It's almost Christmas. Time for people to go shopping, be merry and complain about the heat. Not necessarily in that order and also not really time for games to come out.

It's slim pickings this week.

Rugby League Live 4 World Cup Edition (PS4, XBO)

What is it? A special edition of Rugby League Live 4 to celebrate the Rugby World Cup.
Should you care? The World Cup ended two weeks ago and the original game came out months ago.

Crawl (Switch)

What is it? A dungeon crawler where your mates control the monsters.
Should you care? It's a great, Aussie-made take on the local couch co-op where a few gang up on the one. Perfect for the Switch, although it is already out on other platformers.

Life Is Strange: Before the Storm Episode 3 (PC, PS4, XBO)

What is it? The third and final episode of the latest Life Is Strange game.
Should you care? If you were waiting for all of the episodes to be released before checking out Before the Storm or if you've already played the first two episodes, then yes you should definitely care. Really anyone who has that enjoys good stories should give it a look.

Like I said, slim pickings.


    Accounting + comes out for PSVR, from what I heard. Pretty excited about that

    The final ep of Life is Strange: Before the Storm is released on the 20th. Very much looking forward to that. :)

      Is this season only 3 episodes?

        There's a short bonus episode next month if you bought the deluxe edition, but the main story will be wrapped up in this one. :)

    Isn't lost sphear coming out in January?

    Slim pickings indeed.

      Although i think we get enter the gungeon this week. Apparently it runs really well, has a fun co-op setup, and is priced reasonably.

      As with BoI, i wasn't really interested in it until a good handheld version was available. These make for excellent portable games.

      It is. I think it's the demo coming to Switch this week. Which reminds me, I downloaded the demo on PS4 a while ago but haven't played it yet.

        Nah, I've had the demo for weeks on the switch. I just uninstalled it to make room.

        Kotaku be trippin'.

    I just can't wait for this to be over. 2x divorced families, so it's 4 different xmas shows that are family, not even counting the friends ones if any. I'm over this xmas. Thats 4 days of the 9 that i get off taken up by xmas. Sigh.

    It makes me sad that the trailer for the Switch version of Crawl has a different voice to the original. That one was awesome.

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