Top World Of Warcraft Guild Says Member DDOS-ed Teammates To Get Their Raid Spots

Top World Of Warcraft Guild Says Member DDOS-ed Teammates To Get Their Raid Spots

An MMO guild is like a giant family, a tangled yarn ball of love and dysfunction. Generally speaking, people don’t DDOS their families. It is, for obvious reasons, Not Cool. And yet, that’s exactly what top US World of Warcraft guild Limit claims one of its members did.

Right now, top WoW guilds are racing to be the first to defeat the “mythic” difficulty final boss of the game’s Legion expansion, a giant, Protoss-looking motherfucker named Argus, The Unmaker. Many thought he’d be a pushover, but after almost five days of exhausting attrition, nobody’s downed him so far. Being part of the raid that solved the puzzle, then, would be a big deal. According to Limit officer Jeathebelle, a healer in the guild named Adois was stuck on the bench, but really wanted in. Jeathebelle claims Adois schemed to scrape fellow healers’ IP addresses, DDOS them, and take their spots when they suddenly and mysteriously fell off the internet.

“We only found out because Adois was begging a healer to click his shorted URL link, so we checked out the link and it redirected to an IP scraper,” Jeathebelle wrote on Twitter (via PCGamesN). “Earlier that night, the only healer who had clicked the link had disconnected on mumble, discord, and game.” Jeathebelle said they became suspicious when Adois showed up at the exact right moment to claim the newly-open raid spot.

Jeathebelle said that the guild then found evidence that Adois had been doing this for a while, going back to at least Tomb Of Sargeras, an earlier Legion raid. He’s since been kicked from the guild, with Limit members publicly advising other top guilds to steer clear of him.

As of now, Adois has yet to say anything in response to these allegations or his removal from the guild.


  • Wait, he did it in Tomb? Limit didn’t run the Tomb race, they had a 6 month ban in effect on most of their players for selling raid clears for real money.

    • Considering the number of horrible things that I’ve seen/heard people do in WoW it’s not at all surprising. GM getting the shits with raiders and disbanding the guild, officers stealing everything in the gbank, raiders selling their lockouts (so the rest of the guild turns up on regular raid night and can’t do anything), officers prioritising loot for themselves and their friends. And of course the *real* bad behaviour too – like stealing someone’s real life GF/wife.

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