Ultimate Catan Gaming Table Doubles As Amazing All-Game Table

Image: Smobolob (via Reddit)

Custom gaming tables always sound like too much of an expense. Then you see one and you catch the envies, hard. I know it took some effort to keep my emotions in check after seeing this awesome effort from "Smobolob": a specially-designed, homemade table that plays Catan like a dream, but works just as well for any board game.

According to creator Smobolob, the materials set him back a modest £350 ($620) and consisted of oak beams, sheet wood, felt and other miscellaneous bits (glue, screws, polish, etc.).

His aims were three-fold: build a table that could accommodate Catan and all its expansions; any other board game and situations requiring an ordinary, table-like surface.

Going by the photos, I think we can say it's mission accomplished.

Image: Smobolob (via Reddit)
Image: Smobolob (via Reddit)

An album is available on Imgur showing the construction process. It also includes a shot with a banana... for scale, of course.

I made a Catan Gaming Table [Reddit]


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