Video Games Make Christmas Music Less Shit

This is Christmas music recorded in the style of popular video games.

Just be thankful he didn't cover Wonderful Christmas Time by Paul McCartney.

Because I would have hunted him down and suffocated him myself.

This is very good. Especially the one that sounds like the 'Water level everyone hates' from Super Mario 64.

Today is my last day before the Christmas break. Have a good one everybody!


    I definitely wouldn't feel like I'd been hit with an INT and STA debuff if the local shopping centres were playing those versions. It reminds me of the days when games had Christmas specials or modes (eg. Jazz Jackrabbit, Lemmings, Crusader: No Regret, etc.) and played music in the game's style.

    Pull up to a set of lights to find the adjacent card pumping merry old christmas tunes with their windows down...

    *Eye bulge intensifies*

    Water level in mario 64 has the best music ever.

    Wonderful christmastime is not only the worst Mcartney song ever, it’s one of the worst songs in the history of man.

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