Viva La Dirt League's Epic NPC Man Demands Microtransactions

Kiwi comedians Viva La Dirt League have weighed in on the on-going microtransaction nonsense.

In the sketch, our heroic protagonist runs into a paywall and is given a choice by a less than helpful NPC: Pay up or collect crystals by hunting rats. Needing only 500 more crystals, he opts for the latter.

"Fun" ensues.

Fun, additional microtransactions and loot boxes. Everyone loves loot boxes, right?



    And yet, Viva La Dirt League has just announced they are starting a system on youtube where you can pay $5 a month for additional content, behind the scenes footage etc...

      You mean like any other YouTube channel with patreon followers? Or any creator of entertainment who ets paid for what they do? How dare they.

      You mean Patreon? Lots of content creators use Patreon because they feel they're being shafted by YouTube monetisation, especially because YouTube changes the monetisation rules and guidelines constantly to favour themselves and not the creators. It's a shitty system but people gotta make a living somehow

      They're not charging an RRP of $100 up front before you can watch anything at all on their channel, though.

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