Watch Me Play The First Dungeon Of The Switch's Excellent New Zelda Homage

I played Blossom Tales on the Nintendo Switch for a couple hours. I captured the experience and then trimmed it down to less than a single hour. It's like a livestream, except I cut out all of the parts where I messed up in ways that weren't funny.

It pleases me to no end to see an independent developer take up the big dream of 16-bit Zelda. Blossom Tales is forthcoming about its Zelda influence. In the frame story, a grandfather tells his grandchildren a bedtime story which is unapologetically just the old man remembering and rewriting the story of Zelda: A Link to the Past. I love it.

It's not exactly like Link to the Past. At times, it is more like Link's Awakening. This is a good thing, because Link's Awakening has a focus that few games (especially Zelda games) have ever had.

I like Blossom Tales an extreme amount. I am almost as big a fan of old Zelda games as I am a fan of Sega's repeated attempts to make or bankroll a Zelda-killer in the 1990s. I'm serious: Landstalker, Crusader of Centy, Dark Saviour, Light Crusader, Magic Knight Rayearth, Beyond Oasis, Legend of Oasis, and Shining Wisdom are genuinely some of my favourite games. Sure, none of them are as good as a Zelda game (except Landstalker, which is better), though all of them are so excellently good that it's a serious wonder why we don't have more Zeldalikes. (Special shoutout to Alundra, which didn't fit into my previous sentence because Sega didn't make it. It's second only to Landstalker in its greatness.)

Blossom Tales reminds me as much of Sega's Zeldalikes as it does of Nintendo's official offerings: it's charmingly rough in all the same places Sega's games were, as though Nintendo has some secret button they press to make a game finally achieve Maximum Zelda. Blossom Tales makes me want Nintendo to port A Link Between Worlds to the Nintendo Switch. Also, Blossom Tales makes me want to keep playing Blossom Tales until I've finished it.

By the way, if you were going to comment about how Nintendo is going to "send these guys a cease and desist," just don't bother, dude. Despite some graphical similarities, Blossom Tales is not at all a Zelda fan game. It's definitely its own thing. Also, game developers can't copyright game mechanics. If they could, we probably wouldn't have any video games today.


    I'm enjoying the game in small batches. I'm not sure I could sink a long sitting into the game but doing a dungeon and returning to the castle, exploring to the start of the next dungeon, spending some time collecting things in one area of the map; these are nice distractions.

    I think the game is almost a puzzle solving game first that happens to be driving a zelda-like vehicle which works for me. It's 20 dollars of a good time.

    Just checked it out on Steam, why is the recommended specs;

    RAM > 2 GB RAM
    GPU > GeForce GTX 550 Ti / Radeon R7 240

    It's such an old-school looking game. Games such as Owl Boy, heck, Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine require less grunt than this game.

      That would just be the lowest powered specs they've tested and will guarantee it too. It's not really cost effective for devs to round up legacy hardware to test a new game on when it would only account for a really small section of players. There's a good chance the game runs on quite a bit lower powered stuff.

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