What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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The weekend is coming up and that means most of us will have some precious free time to play some games.

I have a particular fondness for ridiculously over-the-top games, as anyone who watched last night's stream is well aware. NieR: Automata is suitably over-the-top for my needs.

I rushed through the first few parts of the main quest line and now am taking a moment to do some sidequesting. Holy crap does NieR reward you for doing sidequests. While running around collecting stamps, I stumbled across the best rendition of Romeo and Juliet I've ever seen (suck it, Baz Luhrmann).

Pandemic Legacy: Season 2 is also on the menu. Some friends are coming round tonight so that we can continue our campaign to save the world.

What about you, what are you playing this weekend?


    Xenoblade 2, Destiny 2 weeklies and maybe some Assassin's Creed Origins for the daily quests at least.

      After JB HiFi screwing up my order and Toll holding it in their secret bunker, because dropping it in the parcel box of a 9-5 salary-man who can't get to the shops/depot easily, or take time off between the hours of 10 to 3 over a 3 day window (hence getting the product delivered) isn't part of their delivery service.
      (... first world issues for sure... ) Only to have it arrive on the same day a home-stay house guest arrived for the week, and I'm not jerk enough to say excuse me while I ignore you to execute my desire for childhood memories by staring at TV for a few hours.

      I am going to check out Star Wars Battlefront two's Single player campaign.

    Pushing my way through shadows of Mordor
    Maybe some more ticket to earth
    Jumping on mushrooms and falling into water repeatedly in Seasons after fall

    Gave my brother my switch while he's in hospital for a couple of days. Now I'm sitting here with my collector's edition of xc2 and kinda resenting him. :p


    I'll be trying to finish off Far Cry Primal.

    I did however cave in and grab the Wolfenstein: The Two Pack (The New Order, The Old Blood) while it was on sale for $20, so I'll be playing a few missions of The New Order as well.

      New Order is great, I should really finish it.

        I've played the first 2 missions and it's great so far. Particularly loved it during the first mission when inside the castle, loved the nostalgia! Looking forward to see how it unfolds now that it's 14 years later in a Nazi occupied world.

    Playing some BL2 with friends and then working on my Diablo 3 season character in the off times. There may be some Demon Gaze II or Etrian Odyssey V in there too.

    Buddy lent me Gravity Rush remastered and Gravity Rush 2 for PS4 and insisted I play them...so guess I better check it out.

    Assassin’s Creed Origins. What a marvellous thing.

    Xenoblade 2, with a few PUBG breaks thrown in for good measure.

    I finally got my partner to actually watch a bit of Persona 5, and she got into it. Hopefully that means I can start making a bit more progress on that. I'm only 40 hours in after picking it up at launch, so there's some time to make up.

    Other than that, I don't know, I picked up all of the half-life games on the Steam sales, so I might play my way through Blue Shift or try to find a copy of the They Hunger mod

    During cricket season I head towards easy mouse only games while watching the telly. So maybe some Football Manager, Pillars of Eternity or Civ.

      I'm not sure there'll be much cricket this weekend given the bands of rain moving across southern Australia.

      Turn based games a good idea for cricket though. :)

        I'm hearing it should clear by lunch tomorrow so fingers crossed!

          Fingers crossed. At least with the new rules and under lights even if they lose a couple of sessions on Saturday they should make it up if it stays clear. There are sporadic showers predicted for Sunday/Monday for Adelaide so hopefully they don't disrupt play too much.

          Feels more like a Test in England with all this talk of the weather though! :D

    Mafia III. Got it during the sale. Not sure i like it but will give it a shot.

    Batman - The Telltale Adventure (two episodes in so far)
    Super Mario Odyssey (just beat Bowser, now the world is my oyster!)
    Star Wars Battlefront 2 (working my way slowly through the fairly uninspired campaign)

    I'll finish off AC Origins then maybe partially un-derail my plan and try to finish TEW2 before Wednesday. There's still a bunch of stuff to collect in ACO, but I figure I'll knock over the Sphinx thing and beat the last elephant and I'll be satisfied. I'd be more enthused about the arena fights if they weren't gear-locked - I've grown quite attached to my glass cannon setup, and the arena weapons feel so weak by comparison.

    Playing some Resistance tonight at a friend's house. Should be fun!

    Video games-wise still going on Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions but very near the end now. Steamrolling everything in my way.

    Mass Effect Andromeda - it's good.Not Shepard good, but still good.

    Maybe some Miku Future Tone or Drive Club.

    Dishonored: Death of the Outsider. Should be able to finish in one session. Then Ill go back to Dishonored 2.

    Trying to get on top of the 100cc Special Cup of Super Mario Kart by day (it's a hard game!)

    Pushing through Dead Space at night

    I’ve got a bit of a pile-up after Black Friday sales! Wolfenstein II, Ark, Shadow of Mordor, but the one that’s going to get played the most is Persona 5.

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