What Games Are You Looking Forward To Playing Over Christmas?

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Christmas is almost here, and for me that means finally knocking some games off my ever-growing shame pile.

I made an effort to challenge myself with games this year. I sank hundreds of hours into PUBG and Overwatch, when previously I avoided online FPS like the plague. This was entirely due to my own personal fears about letting my squad down.

This did a lot to bolster my confidence, but my new-found addiction meant that a lot of games I had every intention of getting to remained either half played or untouched. Here are some of the ones I'm really hoping to crack into over the holidays:

  • Persona 5
  • Golf Story
  • Horizon Zero Dawn
  • Nier: Automata
  • Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice
  • Thimbleweed Park

It's a pretty long and unrealistic list, but one can dream!

But what about yourselves? What are you most keen to play over the Christmas break?


    Man, I'd really like to play Nier: Automata but I refuse to hand over my money until they hand over a damn patch to fix the PC version.

    So Forza and Hellblade it shall be.

    I need to get back into Subnautica, maby slime rancher as well.

    Might make a city in Cities Skylines with my son.

    Also need to finish doom, 1st play through my save got corrupted, 2nd play through got to about the same point and then a massive patch came which i couldn't be arsed downloading, probably looking at a 3rd play through to knock it over (not that i mind)

    Apart from that might see if some of the newer games on my radar are on sale yet

    Hoping to finish off Divinity Original Sin. After that, my current backlog consists mainly of Elite Dangerous, Persona 5 and XCOM 2. But after 100 hours of Divinity, I don't really want to dive straight into something else of similar length, so I might take a look at a smaller indie game or two first. I've got Last Day of June waiting for me, so I'll probably do that, unless something else good comes up on sale between now and then.

    I look forward to playing version .10 of Squad. If it even comes out during Christmas.

    I'll probably be doing some certification training to get a leg up in the new year, but in between will be PUBG 1.0, might start Metro 2033 or Doom.

    Hoping to get Pokemon Ultra Sun, and FIFA 18 for Christmas so they should both get a work out. Also getting back in to Civ6 and Cities Skylines. Hopefully someone brings round a Switch too, always fun getting everyone involved in a game of Mario Kart!

    Will be pulling out the board games too, PowerGrid and Ticket to Ride will get a run :)


      Board games are 100% contributing to my problem, haha. We have been going nuts on them lately (Harry Potter deck builder, Burger Up, some old school Puerto Rico, Camel Up) and just bought a bunch more for Christmas - Fallout and Photosynthesis just to name a couple. RIP video games, haha.

        My biggest problem with playing more board games is getting people together during the holiday period to play.

        I just picked up Charterstone, a legacy worker placement game where you build a village, and need to sort out a regular group of people to play over several months. That's separate from another group I have playing Pandemic Legacy Season 2.

        I'm desperate to get more plays of Vinhos Deluxe and The Gallerist in, they're both incredibly heavy games that reward frequent replays.

        There's a print and play copy of 1889 sitting in my downloads folder that I still need to take to Officeworks and give a go.

        Through the Ages is proving impossible to get to the table but the mobile version lets me scratch that itch whenever I want.

        I'm still trying to find a copy of The Climbers and there's pretty much the entire Splotter back-catalog that I'm trying to get my hands on.

        Then you've got all the games that I love to bust out from time to time: Village, Tzolk'in and 7 Wonders.

        Plus board games are a social thing, which means you play with other people and should let them have a say in what gets played from time to time. Most of the people I play games with have a similarly long list of games they want to play.

          Gloomhaven is already killing any spare time that I have - I can't see that changing until sometime in 2019. What a game!

    I try to limit my "currently playing" list to one game per platform, if I can cross at least one of the below games off my list, I'll be happy.

    Persona 5 on PS4, Breath of the Wild on Switch, Super Metroid on the Mini SNES, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax on PS3 or Turok: Dinosaur Hunter on PC.

      You forgot PS Vita!

        My list was already too Persona heavy, but yes, if i do any travelling without my Switch, it'll either be Persona 2 on Vita or 999 on DS (I have the sequel on Vita, ready to go)

    Ashes Cricket on Xbox, and Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate on New 3DSXL.

    Nier, Hellblade, Vermintide n Deathwing are my "sort immediately this Christmas" shame pile. I'd like to get back into Elite Dangerous too.

    Lego: Dimensions. I've spent so much money on that game I WILL get every friggin gold brick!

    Also, still got Xenoblade Chronicles 2 there I've only put a couple of hours in to.

    Considering I'll be spending my break away from both PC and console... Mahjongg with my mum. Might be able to squeeze some Opus Magnum or Factorio on my laptop - they should not be too graphically intensive for the CPU to cover.

      We've got a little travel mahjong set with proper tiles (although they are about as big as a thumb joint). I should take that up to my parents' house and introduce them to the game :-)

    Have Nier, Horizon zero, forza 7, about 1/2 way through all of them and also want to finish Shinning force CD (mega cd), up to book 3, great game i missed back in the day.

    Divinity Original Sin 2, Metroid Samus Returns, Zelda BOTW and possibly Romancing Saga 2 (waiting to see if it's worth it from reviews).
    Board games wise, I'll start Mansions of Madness and bring out King of Tokyo and Machikoro to battle the family with.

    Probably Nier for me on console, but I'm back in the PC world now thanks to a gaming laptop, so have some months of catching up to do with that. With no idea what that list looks like to be honest.

    There were some new games sitting there waiting to be played at the time too.

    Currently playing through Steins Gate 0 so that will come with me on holidays. I'll have my 3DS with me as well so I'm thinking Bravely Second, which will eliminate my 3DS pile of shame.

    Other candidates might be Trails of Cold Steel or possibly P4DAN.

    I'll be away until the new year, so Clash of Clans for me!

    It'll be Wwolfenstein: The New Order when i'm back.

    Xenoblade 2

    There's a ton still in shrink wrap but there are the 2 I'll actually play and try to finish.

    Nier: Automata for sure. I’m dedicating as much time as possible to this without shirking family responsibilities.

    working on the backlog;

    Borderlands 2
    Borderlands: The Pre-sequel
    The Evil Within
    Shadow of Mordor
    HZD: The Frozen Wilds

    Also want to try getting Platinum for Fallout 4

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