What’s Your Most Disappointing Game Of The Year?

What’s Your Most Disappointing Game Of The Year?

2017 is drawing to a close and that means it’s time for opinions. In many ways, 2017 was a great year for gaming. In many other ways, it was not.

Quite a few games failed to meet expectations this year; he developers made some weird decisions, they made some greedy decisions or the game just wasn’t very good.

People have been vocal about some of these games, Destiny 2 and Star Wars Battlefront 2 have had a seemingly endless stream of controversy.

Then there are games like Mass Effect: Andromeda and Yooka-Laylee which had the potential to be great and simply were not.

When putting this list together, I was surprised to see that Lego Worlds even existed. I had completely forgotten about it, despite being initially excited by the concept. That in itself is quite the disappointment.

Now it’s time for you to have your say. We will reveal the results next week.

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    • I should have known someone would beat me to posting something like this.

      The past few releases from Bioware’s A and B teams have not been good, their Bioware in name only DLC team had no chance

    • I went into it expecting something bad, and I am actually having a fair bit of fun.

      Fuck those Remnant Architects though!

  • The biggest disappointment with ME:A wasn’t so much the game (which was disappointing but still enjoyable enough) but that it was the death of the franchise (pretty much).
    So long Mass Effect, I will miss you!

    • Well said. At least I have amazing memories of loving ME 1. Then playing ME 2 and falling in love with it even more. What a game. What a great gaming memory. But I’ve played them through several times now and I’ve had that experience now, I can’t get it back again.

      And that’s sad. But I still have the memories of how I felt at the time. And that’s really nice.

      • I hear you. Playing through ME 1,2 & 3 with the same character and save file was a gaming highlight of the past decade for me.

        I have not touched ME:A,,but have seen the many tears shed!

        • Play it! If you enjoyed ME 1,2 and 3 you’ll still like ME:A. I’m more disappointed that we’ll never see ME:A2

    • I agree somewhat. I really enjoyed the campaign this time around. But once it was over it seemed waaaay too easy to level up my toon. I ended up selling the game after completing the campaign a second time.

  • Was going to choose Battlefront, but after the first one this mess was expected. Destiny has actually been fun for me so I’m not disappointed. My choice is For Honor, all the hype and hope crushed mercilessly. The beta was more than enough time to experience everything that game has to offer.

    • IKR?
      I’m so conflicted as it’s clearly a game that needs punishing alon every front, but I can’t say I expected any more from EA Dice these days.

  • Fallout 4 – I don’t care it released 2 years ago, it’s still the biggest steaming pile ever to be installed on my system, including ME:A.

  • MIne as of last night is Fallout 4 VR, i was super hyped about it that the day they announced it back in 2016 i stopped playing Fallout 4 to wait for the VR version and i cant even describe how disappointed i am in how it was implemented.

  • Mass Effect Andromeda for me. I really liked it at first, but then you do the same sorts of things over and over and over again and grew to really hate it.

    I still like Battlefront 2. The gameplay is still fun. If there wasn’t so many games to play right now I’d be playing that.

  • Probably Fast Racing Neo (I only played it this year).

    It’s racing without a soul.

    Career structure sucks too – only Easy difficulty is unlocked from the start and you’ll have to progressively unlock the higher difficulties to get to Very Hard.

  • Both battlefront and ME:A were such disappointments to me. Battlefront a little moreso because it seemed like they’d learned lessons from the last game… while ME:A? It was the C team of Bioware with the only name attached I recognized as being one of the two masterminds behind the ending to ME3 that left such a bad taste in my mouth for the series.
    So yeah, battlefront disappointed me more than ME:A but I wanted a good mass effect so much more than I wanted a good battlefront.
    That said? still a great year for vidyagames even with those disappointments.

  • Definitely Super Mario Odyssey.

    Mind numbingly easy for most of the game. Then it gets challenging in the post game, but by that point you’ve seen all the levels and enemy types.

    Most of the transformations felt like unrelated minigames. I didn’t get a Mario game to play as a weird FPS tank.

    (And just to be contraversial, my second most disappointing game was Zelda. Put simply: Needs proper dungeons!)

    • Heh. Yep, you’re definitely being controversial. I haven’t played Super Mario Odyssey yet, but if you think Zelda BOTW needs “proper” dungeons, it just shows that you like a fairly linear gameplay style, and don’t really enjoy the open approach.

      • There was a lot to appreciate in the game, but in never quite came together the way a traditional Zelda often did. Like, I would collect all these weapons, but never really use them (except to beat that one guardian in the combat shrines, or perhaps a Lynel). Most camps were better off avoided. The armor sets were annoying to collect (running around looking for fish or butterflies… urgh).

        I did like the Shrines, and theoretically there was the same amount of dungeon content in the game as in a traditional zelda, it was just super fragmented.

        That said, not a bad game at all, but still a bit disappointing for me.

    • Haha. Well I guess “diaapponting” is a just a metric of expectation… So I can deal with that.

      I also thought Mario was boring, but figured it was just me since it’s clearly well made (in that Mario mould).
      I didn’t really love the structure, the big levels meant that they could all.be accessed without real challenge, which meant that the end game (where the challenge is) felt rather redundant.

      Still not a bad game by any means.

      Zelda was a fucking masterpiece. The only thing that dissapointed me was the story, which I thought was really flat.

  • I have to say Shadow of War. I feel like after you’d leveled sufficiently, all captain battles felt the same, which was a major critique of the first game. They had an opportunity to take the sequel to the next level but it was still bogged down by the same problems as the first.

  • Okay, this is showing the extent of my backlog (I’m also easy to please, so no new games disappointed me this year), but I finally played through to the end game of GTAIV and that gets my vote.
    First of all, the last batch of Mafia missions were not needed story-wise, I was done with that game by then. Second, the last mission was the pits, don’t ask me to fly a helicopter in the last mission if it hasn’t been part of the game before it. I ended up uninstalling the game, I’m done with it, even if I didn’t “finish” it.

    Sorry, I realise it’s not 2008 for anyone else, but for me it is!

  • Mass effect andromeda.

    That game was released 8 months too early. It’s disappointing because there’s a good game inside it. There’s just so much jank and broken things that just made it a miserable experience.

    Zelda was also disappointing to me as I was really excited by the story that was in the trailers but that was trapped behind hidden collectable video logs. It’s game play is fine but I need that story to motivate me to do a bazillion block puzzles. I’m glad it made most people happy though, just not for me

    • I dont think 8 months would have fixed ME:A. That game was shit as soon as it was penciled up.

      Biowares obsession with “massive open worlds” combined with EAs love of pushing things out the door meant the game was always going to be full of lazy placeholder content.

      I would have much preferred a more linear experience with a properly conceived story and world.

      • The story and characters were there (IMO). The world was just janky and the pacing was terrible.

        You’re right though, the open world and the engine that doesn’t seem built for character animation was a mess

  • Disappointment for me comes in the form of a ‘let down’.
    I try not to get caught up in hype trains, but I thought Destiny 2 could at least start from where Destiny 1 ended. Nope. Back to square one. Destiny 2 will be a good game in four years after they have dragged it up to where Destiny 1 left us…but by then the bar would have been raised by other great innovative games…so it will probably still suck.
    Maybe I should just move on and get out of this.

  • Only got around to playing it this year, but The Witness. Was mindblowing for a few hours until I realised how little respect it had for my time. Just not for me.

  • Breath of the Wild. The weapon breaking and weather conditions affecting your health were just a massive turn off for me.

    • I get what you’re saying. For me, BoTW was the first Zelda game I ever enjoyed, and the first I played to completion. Initially I was frustrated by the weapon fatigue system, but eventually grew to appreciate how it balanced the game.

      Ultimately though, if you’re not enjoying the game, no amount of argument or justification from others will change that. Different stroke for different folks.

    • It’s BotW for me as well. Zelda game with no dungeons, no plot, no progression, a gear system that actively discourages you from engaging in combat and a bland, empty world. Stupid weather, atrocious forced stealth bits and the fact it periodically resets all the enemies so you never have a lasting impact on the world just cap it off. Literally cannot understand why everyone raves about it.

      • Agree with everything NegativeZero said. In addition to this I found the controls needlessly complicated, just because there are a ton of buttons doesn’t mean that all of them need a function. I’d rather replay windwaker for the thrid time.

  • Battlefront 2.
    Even if you can get past the lootbox drama, the game is a really bad shooter.
    No persistent squads is what killed it for me. I want to be able to squad up with mates and work together tactically.
    Instead it’s spawn (in a squad with randoms) follow them to the closest hallway and fire blindly until you die (very authentic to the original movies I guess, but not very fun), repeat.
    Or split off on your own, try to flank, shoot at some unsuspecting enemies, realise the time to die is way too high, and get obliterated when several enemies spot you.
    The campaign was ok at best.

    • Have to agree. It is so point, click, die, re spawn. So many simple things could have been changed to make it better but the three biggest are:
      1. Taking out loot boxes and lowering the cost of everything has broken the entire structure of the game and made it a boring and repetitive grind game (which it always was except now it is obvious out of the box).
      2. Out of all the maps, after two weeks finding a ‘galactic assault’ game mainly consists of staring at the load-out screen while a message reads “waiting for 14 players”
      3. Which leads to the biggest issue, only half the game is playable. Galactic assault always starts on Kashyyyk, then Takodana, then 2 hours have passed and I have to stop playing.
      If there were constant GA games available I’d get dumped into another map, but it isn’t there.
      So alternatively I could play ‘custom arcade’ which leads to the biggest issue I’ve ever seen in the history of games.

      When playing SW Battlefront 2 offline, less that 10% of the content on the disc is available. Entire maps and modes are simply locked. What makes this worse is that none of this is advertised anywhere, and the selection of maps available for single player and co-op are small, which is the complete opposite for a game that is about large-scale star wars battles.
      At this stage SW Battlefront 1 has more single player content than SWBF2.

  • Oh boy. It’s a tough call between Metroid: Samus Returns and Mario Odyssey.

    Metroid was such a wasted opportunity. I remember in one of the reveals how they mentioned how it “had to” be on the 3DS… but absolutely nothing about it showed that to be the case. There’s zero reason it shouldn’t have been a Switch game, and god damn did that thing need games. It looked ugly, it played pretty average, and had some mind-numblingly dumb design decisions. Playing a digital-input game with an analogue control fucking sucks, and I absolutely would have given up 360º aiming (while stationary lol) for the traditional 8-way aiming/held diagonal aiming with a shoulder button. Also would have happily given up those “cool” quick-time action scenes with the swooping camera (basically the only thing that needed 3D models) for some gorgeous 2D art instead. The 3D dioramas that you unlock in the art gallery (also double-lol looking at all this art on such a low-res screen, and with no zoom or anything) were the best looking thing in the whole game, and made me sad the the whole game didn’t look like that.
    But at least it was a passable Metroid game I guess.

    Mario Odyssey… ugh. That takes the cake for me, I can’t even bring myself to go back and finish it. Never mind all the hand-holdey control explanations everywhere (why the fuck is Pro HUD not an option? That made the last two Zeldas visually bearable compared to the defaults, this should be a standard feature by now), the biggest thing that killed this for me was their shitty approach to exploration. It felt like they got on a kick with the whole open world thing in Zelda, and tried to add that in here. But they completely fucked it. Me and a couple of other friends all had the same problem, we like to explore everything that’s available before moving on. But this game gives you the big finger for doing that instead of just blasting through the story missions. I’ve got no problem with a game that unlocks more areas as you further the story or whatever, but this one does it in the most stupid way possible. Normally if you explored around the place you’d find areas that appeared locked off, or somehow explained that they were locked off and implied that they would later become accessible. This game? Ha, they just go and sprinkle random shit all over the world and say fuck you, go and explore it all again. Zero respect for the player’s time. Can you imagine if BotW only had 50 odd koroks dispersed around the world at a time, and would only release the next 50 once you found them all? Everyone would tell Nintendo to get fucked, and rightly so. That’s how it felt trying to play Odyssey, and I got sick enough of it happening to just go back to playing Splatoon instead.

    Now Splats, that one had some shades of disappointment. And there’s still a whole load of shortcomings compared to the previous game. But the stream of updates has probably saved it from making the list, and I do love the brellas (though not this latest nerf).

  • Wolfenstien 2, is bug riddled on PC heaps, disabled steam overlay, story was a bit meh and a bit of a let down over the grittyness of the previous 2 installments. And then game play was more of the same with no real improvements. The over emphases on sneaking also breaks the pace a bit as well.
    After playing the other 2 and having them run flawlessly and good story and game play, being blown away buy idtech 6 engine with doom, I was yeah disappointed.

  • Mass Effect Andromeda.

    I can’t tell you how shattered I was by this. I’ve had over 30 playthroughs throughout the original trilogy, and those games were my fallback activity for some tough times in my life.

    For EA to give the development to the C-Team and produce what they did made me swear off all future EA titles, including Anthem (despite the team working on it).

  • Yeah, Andromeda. Which is a huge shame to admit. I liked it well enough. The lore, style and dialogue were all top-notch, but it felt wrong strapped to such broad, uninspired gameplay.

    Sigh. Pity.

  • Arms for Switch. Tipped to be the next Splatoon, and one of the precious few fist party titles released by Nintendo.

    Forgettable characters, repetitive mechanic, and…for me at least…little reason to replay.

    It would have worked well as an arcade game (it’s remarkably similar to the Sega classic Virtual On); but I don’t like paying full price for a glorified mini game.

  • It’s also Andromeda for me. To be fair I haven’t played any of the other games on the list, but ME:A was the only game I’ve played this year that was so frustratingly glitch-ridden that it eventually had me constantly questioning whether the game was working as intended or if I’d encountered a bug. I didn’t even start playing until several patches in because Zelda stole my entire March away, and I can’t even imagine what it must have been like prior to the patches.

  • PUBG. For a game that was and is so popular, and for all the hype I read and saw about it before playing, I expected a whole lot more.

    Apart from the technical and optimisation issues with the game, the gameplay is also boring in my opinion. It consists of looting, running a lot, hiding a lot, shooting a little bit and (usually) dying.

    • Thank you!
      Although, tbf it is still early access, but I still bought it lol.

      For me it came from nowhere, a total never heard of to everyone’s playing it in a matter of days. I don’t often buy early access as it can send the wrong message, but the hype was so big, for what it just a totally bog standard multiplayer FPS. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved that gameplay since I first played it in goldeneye on my N64, but… that’s really all there is in terms of game play. Don’t get me wrong, that’s a lot of fun, but it’s not like nobody’s done a multiplayer shooter online in the last 20 years lol.

  • I don’t know if I just lucked out with what I bought, or I didn’t play enough games to be disappointed…

    But to pick something, I have to go with Danganronpa. Just because of getting stuck as the whining dweeb instead of Kaede after Act One. Everything else was fine.

  • I wasn’t disappointed in any games I played this year. I didn’t play any of the games on the poll list.
    I spent my time playing dark souls 3, re7, the evil within 2 and hatsune miku project diva. Currently playing persona 5 and rise of tomb raider.
    Had an absolute blast!

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