What's Your Multiplayer Moment Of Glory?

It feels really good to be the game-winner on your team. In single-player games, you're beating a system, but in multiplayer games you're conquering the crowd. Whether it's one-on-one or one-against-100, rising to the top and seizing the crown is one of the best feelings in competitive games.

I was recently playing some Battlerite, an excellent hero arena game. A friend and I were playing duos, and about halfway into a round, the other team singles him out and takes him down.

I'm left, the sole support, while their duo of damage-dealer and support has only a few real scratches to show for their takedown.

As the timer wound down and the circle closed in, I kited them around the centre of the arena. I was playing my favourite hero, Lucie, and I knew that much like PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, being outside the circle hurts.

Lucie has a few tricks in her alchemist bag: a bolt that sends enemies scurrying the other direction in fear, and an exploding potion that knocks them back. I could use that to not just split up the other duo, but send them running into that hurtful void outside the circle. A few good darts, and their damage-dealer was at slivers of health, prime for the pick-off.

Then it was just their support, one-on-one. We paced in circles, flinging shots back and forth, damaging and healing. It was incredibly tense. I could feel my palms starting to sweat, my grip on my mouse tighten. The circle kept getting tighter and tighter until it was almost non-existant, and in a blur of a few seconds, I landed the killing blow and won the one-on-two.

This isn't just to brag about my awesome Battlerite skills — ok, maybe a little — but that's the kind of thrill I love getting from multiplayer games. I've been chasing that in PUBG lately, on the new desert map.

I still haven't had a solo chicken dinner. I crave one so bad. I've come so close, yet so far.

So tell us your moments of multiplayer glory! Have you ever overcome the odds to seize a win? Maybe you've won a fighting game match on a sliver of health, or you clutched out a win in Counter-Strike, or even outfoxed some foes in a game like Civilisation or StarCraft. What's your crowning multiplayer achievement?


    Battlefield Bad Company 2 on xbox 360. The desert mission with the town and the long road (forgot name). I was the driver and my friend was the rear facing passenger, I drove the entire length of the road from the base to the city in reverse (perfectly) using the mini map so my friend could shoot at the enemy. Not sure if we killed anyone but we looked fucking impressive

    Once in world of tank's.
    I was playing a Tank destroyer on a desert map. I hide in some bushes over looking our base and half way through the game I noticed that I was the only one left on my team, and there were 11 of them.

    If they had simply charged our base they would of over run me, but they didn't, they came in groups of 2 and 3 :D

    The moment when you make people sook over voice chat and send you death threats via messaging for using the legendary noob tube in MW2. Great days and lots of salt.

      MW2 was the last COD I really played more than 10 hours of, but couldn’t you get a 14 year old to have a nervous breakdown on that game just by standing in one corner of the map and firing blind irratically across the rest of it?


        I got death threats (Laughable ones though) from little kids because i repeatedly made them exlpode with my glorious grenade launcher kills.

        You could stand in certain places on some maps and aim in a certain spot and the grenade from the grenade launcher would land right in their inital spawn.

    Game was Transformer: War for Cybertron. The game mode was to hold control points (CP) to rack up points. The more you hold, the faster you gain points over time. The game had no multiplayer communication function at all which makes team communication nigh impossible.
    The enemy was absolutely dominating and we manage to control all three CP before they could gain the last point. But they were just one point away. They literally only had to take a single CP and hold it for one second and they would have won. I dashed back and forth every CP as the 'Scientist' class which is basically the flying jets and thus the fastest class. I would kill an enemy in a rapid fashion, see another CP blinking and dash to it before it could be taken. Rinse and repeat. It was heart pounding. Luckily, the enemy sought to split up to try to take any point they can which made it way easier for me to destroy the lone enemy at the CP.
    We held out for long enough and finally won by the skin of our teeth. With no chat available, I could not express the immense joy nor thank my teammates for a job well done. But I felt like at that moment, our hearts were connected, shouting 'F*** Yeah!' in unison.
    Then the server disconnected and I could tell, the other guy must've been hella pissed.

    My highlight was getting 9 kills in a single Counterstrike Source round. I was the last alive in my team too from memory so saved that round for the team.

    Just yesterday: Scored my first aerial goal in Rocket League, and it was to break a tie breaker that went on for about 6 minutes... in competitive solo 3v3.

    Last man standing in a Hunchback in MWO. Downed 4 enemies, 2 of them had IS XL engines, to clinch the match.

    Onward in Vr. I was hiding around a corner listening to 4 enemies advancing slowly talking to each other in actual Russian. I pulled the pin on a grenade, lobbed it around the corner and heard them all panic and swear, again in Russian. Then came around the corner after the boom and mopped up the survivors with a pistol.

    Goldeneye 64
    Realised my mate was watching my screen and so I placed a proximity mine trap I knew he’d see and lead him towards it running backwards and firing. Knowing where he’d go to avoid my trap I threw a grenade right into his path.

    Obviously there’s been a lot of others (and far better ones) in the last 20 years, but something about this article and reading the comments took me right back to sitting on the sofa with 3 mates playing goldeneye and eating pizza in the 90’s

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    Won a match of unreal tournament mostly with headshots on a ping of 700

    Any time you're accused of hacking when you're not is a good one. I think that happened to me maybe twice in TF2.

    One moment of glory that has stuck with me throughout the years is a Big Team Battle shotty snipers game in Halo 3, wherein I would usually be awful and killed a lot but managed to get 22/3. I was on fire that game.

      I think almost any multiplayer game where you get accused of hacking when you arent is awesome. Its makes you think "Im that good that people think im hacking"

    I've been accused of hacking many times and I have loved every time but my favourite MP moment is...

    Unreal Tournament 1999. CTF-Niven. Packed server with a few "pros" of the time. 2 hours of OT with an even score of 1 flag each. Managed to win OT with a base-to-base cap. Wiped the sweat off my brow and had a well deserved drink.

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