1985’s Premier Insect-Based Toy Line Is Staging A Comeback

1985’s Premier Insect-Based Toy Line Is Staging A Comeback

Released by Coleco in 1985, Sectaurs: Warriors of Symbion was a children’s toy line about a planet where giant insects and arachnids roam free and humans mutated with bug DNA wage war over control of a mysterious “ultimate power”. Toys included action figures and giant rideable spider hand puppets. They were terrifying. Now Zica Toys wants to bring them back.

The original toys were hideous in the best way. Via Sectaurs.com.

Sectaurs might not be the most popular of ’80s toys, especially considering the figures cost twice as much as the more popular Masters of the Universe line, but it did manage to score a Marvel Comics limited series, so there are fond memories there.

Zica Toys is a company that makes old school action figures new again, and they have been teasing this Sectaurs revival for months now, showing off lovely new designs based on the classic series, many of which can be seen on the company’s Facebook page.

The revival plans are sound. Rather than bring back the expensive super-size figures of the past, Zica’s scaling the Sectaurs down to 10cm (1/18 scale). There won’t be any riding insects this time around. Just well-articulated, highly detailed insect-people, starting with faction leaders Dargon and General Spidrax.

Zica Toys’ Sectaurs Kickstarter launched yesterday and is on its way to reaching its $US40,000 ($49,563) goal. Hopefully they will make enough to work out all the bugs.


  • These were toys that kids whose dad had a better job than mine had 🙁
    And several only-children.
    I used to love looking at their wings. If I got one, he was going to command the ants in my ant farm.
    Sadly, it was not to be and the ants died from lack of insectoid humanoid leadership/starvation.

  • Holy crap. I got Commander Waspax for Christmas from the relies when I was a kid. I’m super tempted to get one of these just for the nostalgia dose.

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