1C Company’s Re-Legion: Yes, We’re Ready For A New Syndicate

If you want to get your modern dose of Syndicate, the Aussie-developed Satellite Reign has you covered. Other than that, well, your options aren’t extensive. 1C Company, the publisher/developer best known for IL-2 Sturmovik and the Men of War series has announced Re-Legion, which shares more than a passing resemblance to Bullfrog’s classic.

According to a write-up by PC Invasion’s Paul Younger, these are the game’s key features:

  • Unique RTS mechanic of acquiring new units by converting citizens
  • Vivid futuristic cyberpunk visuals, yet dark atmosphere
  • Mature story with profound background and moral choices to be made
  • Special territory control mechanics with the use of hacking
  • High replay value both in singleplayer and multiplayer modes

1C’s own description mentions the player’s role as a “prophet in a futuristic technocratic society” who must “convert citizens to cult members, upgrade them to fighting units and rid the city of non-believers”, which sounds a bit like The Church of the New Epoch from Syndicate Wars.

While Syndicate Wars did let you play from the perspective of the Church, Re-Legion will explore the concept on a deeper level. From 1C’s blurb:

But as Elion, their leader and prophet, increases his influence and power, he loses touch with reality and the ideal of salvation gradually turns against those that don’t feel the need for his guidance — the infidels.

There’s potential, for sure. The screenshots look a little rough, but it is pre-alpha, so I’m sure it’ll look snappier on release. No release date, but both “PC and console media” are included as platforms.

Cyberpunk PC RTS Re-Legion announced — Become a prophet [PC Invasion]

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