A Shooter Where You Aim Spider Drones At Faces

Image: Youtube / DECEIVER

After a game that looks a little bit different? Here's one of the most striking games of the year so far: DECEIVER, a "philosophical shooter" that involves about controlling and shooting spider drones. At faces.

DECEIVER isn't due out until May next year, although the developers are pledging to pass out demo keys shortly if you sign up via the website. And the time gap might be good, because there's an awful lot going on in the trailer below.

There's a couple of major modes at play. One involves spider drones, which you control and attack other drones and humans with in matches with up to 12 players. There's four-player splitscreen as well, which is nice, and you can upgrade your spider drone through capturing resources.

But DECEIVER isn't just a multiplayer-only game. There's a campaign mode spanning approximately four hours, with a vector-mapped cyberpunk city to explore. In first-person, with some parkour skills that would make Faith proud.

The developers are promising "instant load times" and free virtual dedicated servers too, which should make some PC and Linux gamers very happy. With that all in mind, let's check out the trailer.

I'm always a sucker for games that make the most out of a little when it comes to their visuals - SUPERHOT being a good example. DECEIVER is planned for launch next year, but you can find out more here.


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