928 People Are Employed In The Australian Games Industry Full-Time

928 People Are Employed In The Australian Games Industry Full-Time
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Ever wondered precisely how large the Australian games industry is?

According to the results of an industry survey published today, Australia’s games industry employees 928 people full time. The study was conducted by the Interactive Games & Entertainment Association, which represents the video game industry federally and lobbies on its behalf in Canberra.

The largest field employed in the local industry was programmers (33%), while artists (25%) and marketing/admin/management (12%) were the second and third most common jobs for full-time employees. The United States is still the most popular target market for Australian developers, followed by Europe.

The industry as a whole generated $118.5 million in revenue, 80 percent of which was derived from overseas. “The local industry is making gains and contributing millions to the Australian economy – imagine how much more could be achieved if the government acknowledged us,” Ron Curry, CEO of the IGEA, noted.

An infographic was also released to the media this morning, showing that iOS and Android were the most popular platforms for developers. Just over a third of all development was also based in Melbourne, with 21% based in Sydney and another 14% located in Brisbane.

928 People Are Employed In The Australian Games Industry Full-Time

Notably, the number of full-time employees is a stark increase from the last official figures. The Australian Bureau of Statistics and Screen Australia released a report in the middle of last year, which found that the number of people employed by the local games industry had risen to 734 from 581.

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The ABS report also found that the industry’s total income had grown to $111.1 million by 2015-16.


  • Even though it has gone up, it still doesn’t seem like a lot. And if 81% of them identify as men, that means there are only around 176 women working full time in the industry.

  • It’s 2018 though … I don’t know that FTE is really the right measure to gauge industry density. It’s still a market that has a lot of freelance, short term contract and even students are contributing to that $118m.

    That being said, $118m is very, very low. We’re talking globally an $80-100b (billion, with a B) market. I always thought that we punched well above our weight, but this makes me think that there’s simply not enough clout there to tickle Turnbull’s testicles, the man was an investment banker, there’s not enough zeroes in those figures to get him interested.

    These stats should either fill you with hope that there’s room in the domestic market to grow, or sadness with such a woeful industry footprint.

  • I’m curious, what qualifies as “The Australian games industry”. Does this cover studios like Wargaming Sydney who are local arms of larger overseas companies?

    • Don’t forget the gaming industry may also include making poker machine games. What is the definition of gaming here?

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