A Hand-Drawn Tale About A Raven Who Can't Croak

If you've got a few spare minutes, here's something different: a game about a raven who can't croak.

Released for free on Steam, A Raven Monologue was made by Mojiken Studio, an indie developer based in Surabaya, Indonesia. It's more of a short story than a visual novel or game, and clocks in at around four to five minutes. There's no other interaction beyond moving the story forward or backward, and the only effects are provided by the music, Christabel Annora's Selfishness.

The game starts with a tall, unusual raven who lives in a town. He sits in his house, staring blankly at what appears to be his sole interest, or maybe sole possession of value: a rock held in a cage. He's then visited by one of the townsfolk, who presents the raven with a flower of sorts. Collecting the flower, the raven then begins to journey through the town.

What takes place from there is a series of interactions with the town and its folk, interactions that eventually change the town and potentially the raven too. There's also a poem in the Steam description, which may or may not help your reading of the game:

Dearest Sir Raven,
Do you still wander around without end?
Crafting colors under the still and silent
Not knowing I'm waiting here alone without a friend

Dearest Sir Raven,
When you are around, would you mind to stop by?
Just a hello, just a moment
To let me savor the memories before our goodbye

Dearest Sir Raven,
Let us go home
To the place devoid of reality frame
Where I shall watch over us even without a logical form

I won't say anymore to avoid spoiling the experience, which is all too possible considering how short the whole experience is. It's a small game - less than 200mb - and a short experience, clocking in at around four minutes max.

I can't say whether you'll enjoy the short ride, or the interpretation you draw from the story. But the game is absolutely stunning to look at, the music pairs beautifully, won't take up much of your time, and it's the best price of all: free.


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